100 issues and counting

I can’t quite explain how rewarding it is to helm About magazine for this milestone issue. These 100 issues represent so much: hard work, an undying passion for helping readers seek out the best our region has to offer and the desire to help local businesses expand and grow, through advertising and editorial coverage alike.

I can’t quite explain how rewarding it is to helm About magazine for this milestone issue. These 100 issues represent so much: hard work, an undying passion for helping readers seek out the best our region has to offer and the desire to help local businesses expand and grow, through advertising and editorial coverage alike. I’ll never forget the day I was offered this job (or the day I realized I could actually do this job). I’ll never forget the smile on editor Kelsey Reinhart’s face the day we sliced through the shrink-wrapped pallet and beheld “our” first issue, the issue heralding a new era for About. (Hint: It’s the same smile she has every issue.) Hats off to everyone who has worked—so diligently and with such pride—on the magazine for these 100 issues. Thanks to everyone who has supported the magazine, read the magazine, hell, everyone who has even glanced at the magazine. In celebration of our 100 issues (and counting!), we sought out community leaders, advertisers, past and present staff and advisory board members and those featured in the magazine’s pages these past eight years to tell us about their favorite issues … to tell us just what About means to them. As you read, I think you’ll discover it means just as much to them as it does to me. —Jess Bennett, magazine division vice president, GateHouse Ohio Media

In 2008, Kevin Kampman, then-publisher of The Canton  Repository, noticed our community was lacking a very important piece.  He asked the staff to create a lifestyle magazine for Stark County, one that would entertain, educate and bring this community together. 100 issues later, these goals and many more have been met. Several times each year, Mr. Kampman contacts me from his current publisher position in North Carolina. He says it’s to “check in,” but I know better … About always comes up and he always mentions how he just received his copy in the mail. (Yes, mail subscriptions are available!) He always says how good it is. This, of course, is not new news to me, but it is always nice to hear the man who started it all is pleased. So congrats, Jess, Kelsey and About team on a job well done, and thank you Kevin Kampman for getting us started 100 issues ago.—Jim Porter, publisher, The Canton Repository and CEO, GateHouse Ohio Media

Well I have to say that the December 2012 issue is one that I will always remember. It was quite an honor to have been identified as a Mover and Shaker in the nonprofit sector of our community and then to see this front cover, low and behold, it had my photo on it. I still smile when I think about it. Our community is growing by leaps and bounds, and having About magazine showcasing all facets is a great thing. Keep up the awesome work. I can’t wait for the next issue. —December 2012 cover star Vicky Sterling, owner, Pinnacle Press Inc.

I have been with About magazine for all 100 issues. What is memorable about each and every one of those is the people, places and activities that I was privileged enough to have been introduced to. My position as a photographer at The Canton Repository and About magazine has taken me places and introduced me to people I would have never known. Each and every one of which, good or bad, has been valuable to me. —Julie Botos, photographer, The Canton Repository and About

Congratulations to About on your 100th issue! I so remember when About magazine began! I served on the second advisory board, and it was a lot of fun! My favorite issue that we as an advisory board helped with was the Movers & Shakers issue in November 2011. One of the ideas presented to us was to showcase “Power Couples.” I nominated Brennis Booth and Todd Walburn, owners of 2nd April Galerie, a pair instrumental in getting the downtown arts district going. The diversity of the “Power Couples” was a great mixture! —Tracy Jeffries, community impact administrative assistant, United Way of Greater Stark County; 2010 advisory board member

We are still running into new friends who recognize us from being on the cover of The Cupid Issue in February 2015 and are so grateful to have had the opportunity to share our story. Life may not always be a fairytale, but you can still find your happily ever after!” —February 2015 cover couple Marcus Marshall, general manager, SkyZone Belden Village, and Tonja Marshall, vice president of marketing & communications, Visit Canton

Being a part of the Most Eligible Singles issue in 2013 was more fun than any of my past relationships. —Tim Carmany, executive director, The Hub Art Factory

Congratulations on 100 issues, About! Aultman has enjoyed being along for the ride, and we truly appreciate our relationship. Thank you for continuing to inform, educate and entertain our community! —Vicki Haines, vice president, Aultman; 2008 advisory board member; featured as a November 2011 Power Couple

Having had the privilege of working on almost every one of About’s 100 issues, the magazine has become almost as familiar as family. And like family, each month brings surprises—from local articles on fresh new talent and businesses—to twists on old traditions or institutions that revive lost memories. I love how our community is poured into every page—spotting familiar faces and learning about places that I never knew existed right here in our own backyard—all tied up in a positive, quality package. It takes a remarkable team to research, write, photograph, sell and design this extraordinary publication, and I’m proud to play a part in it. Looking forward to the next 100 issues! (But first we have to get this one done!) —Holly Thouvenin, composing and prepress, The Canton Repository and About

I have been a loyal reader of About since its beginning in 2008. I look forward to reading its articles and the stories that feature the people, the activities and the businesses our communities have to offer. About magazine does this better than any other media. The magazine fills a void in telling the Stark County story and demonstrates what a great place this is to live and work. We have lots to be proud of. Thanks for a great job, and thanks for caring. —current advisory board member Ted Swaldo, founder of Gervasi Vineyard and The Twisted Olive, co-chair of United Way campaign

The “Out & About” section is the first section to which I flip. I love seeing faces of people I know—and don’t—at all of the events around town. My favorite part about being on the advisory board was choosing the Person of the Year. The nominations, and the reasons for those nominations, fascinated and inspired me. So many in our community are achievers, givers, leaders and motivators. I think that’s why About is great: It reflects the cross-section of the place we call home—the people we meet, things we do, food we eat and moments we share. I read it cover to cover and learn something new every issue. —Sue Grabowski, president, Grabowski & Co. and Squawqr Mobile Media; 2012 advisory board member; featured in November 2014 Family Traditions

We are so fortunate to have About! Many communities would love to have a magazine that showcases its residents, its activities, its businesses and the organizations that make it unique. We are lucky enough to have that month after month in this wonderful publication! Congratulations! Here’s to 100 more! —current advisory board member Shannon English Hexamer, owner/president, Shannon English Marketing

While I used to visit Canton as a child, I had no idea of the breadth of activity and culture taking place in our community until I arrived full time two years ago. I’m continually amazed by the variety of services, restaurants, shops, museums and galleries available to us. About magazine is my go-to source for what’s new and exciting and what’s happening in the community I now consider my second home. —Denise A. Seachrist, Ph.D., dean and chief administrative officer, Kent State University at Stark

About magazine is absolutely the premier magazine of Stark County that is fun and trendy! From its very beginning, About has proven to be a great publication that I look forward to receiving. Whether it be the upcoming events calendar or showcasing/spotlighting the great work of local individuals and organizations, or the articles showcasing Most Eligible Singles, there is always something of value and interest I find when reading my monthly copy. —Scott M. Haws, president, Plain Township Board of Trustees; featured in May 2009 In My Own Words, February 2012 Most Eligible Singles, April 2015 Wedding Spotlight

I can hardly believe About is coming out with its 100th issue. I remember when it started. We were all so excited about being a part of a new magazine led by Darla Brown. Since Jessica Bennett took over the reins, About continues to grow. I really cannot say if I have a favorite issue because all of them are well done. I love the photos in the back of the magazine. And I always look forward to the photographers Last Look photos. The stories are well written by the writers. I enjoy Todd Porter’s Ask Todd column. He comes up with some interesting answers for life’s questions. And I always look forward to reading the recipes and food features in the magazine. About is a great magazine, and I enjoy seeing it every month. Here is to another 100! —Denise Sautters, reporter, The Canton Repository and contributor, About

About magazine and its staff have done a wonderful job of shining a spotlight on what makes Stark County and the surrounding areas such a great place to live, work and play. There’s a little something for everyone, and it’s fun to see our community featured in such a fun, stylish way. —Ryan Humbert, singer-songwriter; featured in February 2011 Most Eligible Singles

About Magazine holds a special place in my heart! Over eight years ago, serving as president and CEO of the Jackson-Belden Chamber, I was asked to serve on the first advisory board. It’s extremely difficult for me to select one favorite issue as there are so many that when each issue comes, I think, “Wow this is a great cover!” I am now a realtor with DeHoff Realtors and advertise frequently. The true value to me is that when individuals read the magazine and notice the ad, they will then comment to me or my husband. I have to say my most memorable issue was December 2011 featuring Larry Durian, our very own Santa Claus. Larry has since passed away, after playing Santa for 37 years, but I still recall the day he walked into my office, and I truly thought he was the real McCoy. About is a wonderful community publication that I am proud to say I’ve been a part of from the beginning. Congratulations, and here’s to another 100 issues! —Ruthanne Mancini-Wilkof, Realtor, DeHoff Realtors; 2008 advisory board member; featured in July 2009 You and Your Pet 

I think this magazine has been a great success, and everyone I talk to about it always looks forward to the next issue. I really like the Person of the Year element each year, the spotlight of events and the coverage of what is happening around the county and how we are so proud of what we have. —Ronald Manse, executive in residence, Walsh University; 2008 advisory board member

The best issues for me are April 2016 Stark After Dark and May 2014 Arts & Culture Shock because they capture the arts explosion happening in Canton and Stark County. On the list of my favorite things: The photography is exquisite, colorful and dramatic, the layout is strong, and the ads are as classy as the articles. Now that’s a real feat! About magazine does the impossible monthly—it delivers a compelling, elegant publication that makes us proud of where we live. About magazine just celebrates the best of what we are and of what we want to become. And the magazine’s genius-like staff just keeps coming up with the most creative ideas imaginable.  —2016 Person of the Year Robert J. Hankins, CEO, ArtsinStark; featured in April 2012 In My Own Words, November 2013 Downtown Movers & Shakers, January 2015 Stark County’s 10 Most Influential

I began designing for The Canton Repository two years ago, and for the past six months, I have been designing and shooting for About magazine. My favorite issue has to be last month’s—July 2016 Music Makers—because it was my first cover shoot. Being able to shoot a cover was a big deal to me, and what made this even better was that I got to work with local band White Buffalo Woman. Once on location, bandmate Evan Rutledge suggested checking out the roof as a spot to shoot. Without hesitation, I climbed an old ladder leading to the roof, and with one glance, I knew it would be perfect. The issue turned out great, and it’s such an awesome feeling knowing so many people got to see my work. —Murphy Redmond, designer, About and The Canton Repository

I would never suggest that Stark County is a “utopia;” however, I truly believe it is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. With that in mind, I just want to say that it has been an honor and a privilege to be on the advisory board of a publication that has celebrated and highlighted the positive side of our community. It is not difficult in today’s world to find the negative, but when we take time to look, there truly are many positives for us to learn about and celebrate. I want to congratulate The Canton Repository and especially the team at About for helping all of us see the positive side of our community. Happy 100th, About! —current advisory board member Paul D. Snyder, retired vice president, CSE Federal Credit Union 

The four years I spent working with and overseeing the advertising for the magazine will always be appreciated. The opportunity to collaborate and develop the magazine with staff, advertisers and community leaders was exhilarating and served a critical role in both my professional and personal development. A lot of work and energy goes into creating the publication, and the writers, designers, sales staff, marketers, board members, printers, distributors and management that have always supported the magazine should all be applauded. Especially Darla Brown and now Jess Bennett for bringing us 100 great issues. I look forward to seeing what the next 100 will bring. —Patrick J. Mackie, ChHC, client executive, Schauer Group; former advertising manager for About and The Canton Repository

My partnership with The Canton Repository goes back a very long time, and I’ve always appreciated its commitment to the betterment and improvement of our community. Eight years ago, it took a giant step forward by initiating the publication of a beautiful and informative new magazine, About, celebrating the abundant offerings to be found in our community. Superbly illustrated articles on aspects of our history, our celebrities, a gourmet’s pageant of fine restaurants (ranging from burgers to boeuf bourguignon), intimate views into the lives of our citizens and, of course, their devotion to the arts! About is not just a knock-off monthly filler, but something really special … articles composed by The Rep’s excellent staff of writers, vibrant high-res color photographs, snappy contemporary design and top-quality paper stock! To the gloom-and-doom naysayers in our town who keep saying, “There is nothing to do, no place to go,” About is a clarion call to pull them out of their vaults and invite them to sample the many diversions of our county. —M. J. Albacete, adjunct professor, Kent State University Stark; executive director emeritus, The Canton Museum of Art; 2010 advisory board member; featured in April 2009 A Stark County Spin, May 2009 Albacete’s Adventures

Congratulations on hitting the big 100. It’s an incredible feat, and the About staff and community should be very proud. I could easily list off 100 things that I like about About magazine, but simply some of my best memories include being part of the original About team with Darla Brown and Julie Botos. In those early years, there was plenty of skepticism about taking on such a monumental task with very limited resources. It was like crossing over to the dark side for a few newspaper junkies to take on the world of magazine publishing. But look at the great work you have carried on. It has been a such joy to see it grow and continue to capture the best the county has to offer in art, food, entertainment and more. And I would be a fool if I didn’t say my favorite Jess “rant” has to be that “nobody calls my baby ugly, nobody.” Keep up the great work. —Mike Weiss, creative services manager, Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens; former Canton Repository staffer; May 2012 Artist You Should Know, May 2016 Arts & Culture Shock cover artist

About does what a good city lifestyle magazine should—adds a touch of class to Canton and its community. It highlights good people, it discovers wonderful places, it surprises us with things we do not know and it reminds us to stop and see those things we take for granted. It is easy to see that About cares about us as much as we care about our community. Congratulations to its publisher, editor and to the many staff contributors who have given its readers 100 issues; now, back to work on 100 more. —current advisory board member Michael Hanke, former editor of The Canton Repository, retired Stark County administrator

As a regular reader, former advisory board member and a November 2010 Mover & Shaker, I am impressed and excited with the diversity of topics, people, places and activities that are featured in each issue. About magazine captures the best of Stark County in a classy, comprehensive, fun and appealing way! —Mike Gallina, director of outreach and organizational development, AultCare; 2008 advisory board member; featured in November 2010 Movers & Shakers

My favorite part of serving on the About staff has been the number of first-person stories I’ve gotten to write. Usually they’ve been the result of a fun, hands-on assignment, like checking my body composition using the BOD POD at Malone University, trying on clothes at The District Boutique or sampling food at some of our great local restaurants. —Alison Matas, reporter, The Canton Repository and contributor, About

About’s profiles of movers and shakers make the magazine shine. I relish reading about the leaders who make our area special. Julie’s photographs always bring out the best—the February 2015 cover featuring Tonja and Marcus Marshall was particularly strong. Keep telling us about the inspiring people and interesting places and events that make Stark County a wonderful place to live! —Margy Vogt, public relations coordinator, Massillon Museum; 2012 advisory board member; featured in July 2010 In My Own Words, November 2010 Movers & Shakers and November 2015 Dear Downtown(s)

I have been so fortunate to serve as a member of the advisory board during exciting times for this magazine. It has been a great experience of learning the inner workings, as well as having input in the publications. I could not pick one favorite issue because they are all so unique and special. Happy anniversary, About magazine, and thanks for the amazing opportunities. —current advisory board member Lisa Warburton-Gregory, featured in November 2010 Movers & Shakers

About magazine plays a vital role in highlighting all of the best aspects of life in Stark County, for both residents and visitors. Whether it’s the Local Faves awards, editorial articles or even social media activity, About really celebrates the unique, blossoming and delightful facets of our community. —Georgia Paxos, executive director, Canton Palace Theatre; featured in November 2013 Downtown Movers & Shakers

About Magazine is like a classy dame: beautifully put together with smarts. I look forward to each issue because you never know what gem you’re going to uncover. —Kathy Vogel, morning radio personality, Mix 94.1; featured in February 2010 Most Eligible Singles, February 2016 Part & Parcel

A community as vibrant as Canton deserves a glossy magazine that highlights everything we have to offer! The redesign of About and the increased content provide readers with a tantalizing glimpse of what’s going on around us, encouraging us to get out there and explore. Congratulations on 100 issues! Here’s to 100 more. —Kim Kenney, curator, Wm. McKinley Presidential Library & Museum; featured in April 2009 A Stark County Spin, July 2010 Turn a Page in Local History, June 2013 In My Own Words, May 2014 Read All About Stark County, November 2015 In the History Books

I am a big fan of About’s three music issues to date (July 2016, July 2014, November 2012). It’s cool to see some of the county’s top musical acts—among them Hey Monea!, Ohio Weather Band, Lauren Mascitti, Yankee Bravo and White Buffalo Woman—getting the glossy magazine recognition and exposure they deserve. —Dan Kane, entertainment editor, The Canton Repository and contributor, About

Thank you for 100 spectacular issues of About magazine! I love everything “about” it. From the variety of interesting articles, to the snappy design, to the fascinating people featured, to the drink recipe contest. I have subscriptions to about a million magazines, and this one gets top billing every single month! Thank you for showcasing everything great about our Stark County. Looking forward to the next 100. —Julia Dick, president, MOLA Productions

In the October 2009 Exclusive Spaces issue of About, the kitchen in our Hills and Dales home was featured. The magazine layout and article was well done, and, of course, it was one of our favorite issues. I also had the opportunity to serve on the advisory board with a great group of community leaders, and the experience was quite memorable. It is certainly quite an accomplishment for About to be celebrating 100 issues! I shall look forward to the next 100! —Judy Scheurer; 2010 advisory board member; featured in October 2009 Exclusive Spaces

I selfishly liked the About magazine in which I had the honor to be featured as a Mover & Shaker along with Steve Perry and Bob Timken (November 2009). I thought the cover with the picture of Steve Perry captured his smile and personality. In general, I like the magazine for showcasing our businesses, artists, organizations and community leaders in an interesting and informative way. Each issue teaches us something that we did not know about Stark County. Keep up the good work! I enjoy the magazine tremendously. —current advisory board member Judith E. Barnes Lancaster, Esq.; featured in November 2009 Movers & Shakers

I can still remember the day that Maureen Ater called me and asked me to join the advisory board. I was honored and humbled. I enjoyed reading the magazine each month, and to think that I would have a small hand in the development of the magazine was exciting. I truly enjoyed meeting with the other advisory board members and brainstorming ideas, as well as working with the dedicated staff: Maureen, Patrick and Darla. My favorite “assignment” was selecting the signature drink. We were able to taste the cocktail recipes submitted and select a favorite (tough job but was happy to help). Thank you, About magazine, for being a positive reflection of our amazing community! —Joe French, CEO, Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health; 2012 advisory board member

About magazine provides an inspiring look at the people, places and things that make our community so special. Congratulations on the 100th issue of a well-written and beautifully illustrated magazine that celebrates the exuberance of life right here in our own backyard. —Para M. Jones, Ph.D., president, Stark State College; featured in June 2013 Top Secret, January 2015 Stark County’s 10 Most Influential

We really enjoyed the Brew View features (February 2015, November 2015) as it was a great way for Stark County to learn more about the local brewery scene. About does a great job in letting the community know about trends and local features. —John R. Bikis, Royal Docks Brewing Company, LLC; featured in February 2015 Brew View, November 2015 Brew View Update

Any community is more than just a geographical location. It’s the mishmash of space and its people multiplied by the idea of what those people believe about where they live. And what they intend to make of it. What I love about About is the way it has consistently captured the beauty and passion of this place we call home and reminded all of us of the goodness that lies just around the corner from our houses and communities. From personal profiles to communitywide exposes, they have not just shared information, but have cast a vision, egging us on toward being a place of care and excellence. —August 2014 cover star Joel Daniel Harris, executive dreamer, TomTod Ideas; featured in August 2014 Eureka issue cover story

For much of the 8 years that About has been delivering the best features issue after issue, I worked outside of Stark County. It has been a great treat knowing that each month I could count on About for the “who, what, where and when” that has kept me in touch with the place I call home. Congratulations, About staff, on this awesome achievement, and best wishes for another 100 issues. —Rich Desrosiers, executive editor, The Canton Repository and contributor, About

About Magazine … what is it? A local magazine that highlights upcoming current events and attractions that appeal to multiple generations? The Repository on performance enhancing supplements … featuring outstanding journalism and photography on stories that feed your inner intellect? A great way to advertise your event or product to the most sophisticated crowd in Stark County? Yes. About is all that and more! Congratulations on your 100th issue! Our association and membership have always admired the community services and leadership provided by The Canton Repository. We knew from the start that About was another common sense decision to provide more quality content to readers in the area. We are proud to advertise our events annually in About because we know they’ll look professional and get noticed. More importantly, we love working with the creative, helpful staff that can draw interest to our advertising efforts. —Joe Race, executive director, Building Industry Association of Stark County (BIA)

The About magazine of May 2016 sits on my daughter’s coffee table in California. She’s so proud of her dad and brags to all of her Hollywood friends about her “famous” father. I have also been proud and honored to be selected as a featured artist in our county’s top-quality About magazine. The experience was delightful, and the quality of the article by Dan Kane and the photos were outstanding. I have used the article on several occasions to convince potential art buyers at my art shows, and my gallery rep has used it in his quest to search for art patrons. Thanks for featuring me in your article “Work in Progress.” It was quite an honor. —Joe Martino, fine artist; featured in February 2015 Terrific Couples and May 2016 Work in Progress

About has brought a breath of fresh air to Stark County. It is professionally produced and engulfs all facets of our special community. I find myself scouring every page of each new addition. My congratulations to the publisher, the editors, the photographers and to everyone that makes it happen. The name “About” is most appropriate! —2013 Person of the Year Jack Hazen, head men’s and women’s cross country coach, Malone University; 2012 US Olympic Distance Coach

During my 45-year career in advertising, I have witnessed many start-up publications. Few have had the depth, broad appeal and relevancy of About magazine. Congratulations to The Canton Repository and About for filling a niche for Stark County residents and its advertisers. Your sustainability is to be applauded. —Jeff Crowl, CEO, Crowl, Montgomery & Clark, Inc.

I was honored to be selected as one of the Most Eligible Singles (February 2010). I actually turned the offer down twice. Finally, I agreed and thought it could be fun. I was asked one question in the article about what would be my idea of the “perfect date,” and I responded with a weekend trip to New York City. My wife, Rachel, didn’t know me at the time but said that when she read that response, I intrigued her. When several years later I surprised her with an engagement ring at the Rockefeller Tree in New York City, Rachel told me she always remembered me because of my comment in About magazine. Thank you! —Judge Frank G. Forchione, Stark County Court of Common Pleas; featured in February 2010 Most Eligible Singles, February 2016 Catching up with Past Singles

Stark County is truly a community that provides a quality of life through health, comfort and happiness, and About magazine captures that beauty in every issue. About expresses, through words and pictures, the great community we have in Stark County. The staff over the years has put together more than a magazine but has embodied the very essence of what Stark County is and what it continues to strive to be, the very best! —Gina M. Bannevich, marketing director, Belden Village Mall

I love that the staff at About has showcased and honored community leaders in education, government, medicine, the arts, food and entertainment, small and large businesses and more. Those of us who have followed this amazing periodical publication have learned so much about why Stark County is a remarkable place to live and about the incredible, interesting, dedicated and passionate people who give their best every single day to ensure that the magic continues! My favorite cover honored lifelong educator and volunteer Gloria Talarico (Stark Superheroes, February 2014), a lovely woman who epitomizes what it means to love one’s community and strive every day to give something back to it. —Gail Martino, SCESC consultant, The Artful Living Program; featured in February 2015 Terrific Couples

Young professionals seek fun, vibrant, trending activities and hot spots around town. About has long been a depot for those places and, more inspiringly, the people involved with such. Thanks, About, for always highlighting the energetic scene of our region and making us proud to call this community home! —Eric R. Smer, director of community & workforce development, Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce; featured in February 2016 Most Eligible Singles

About magazine to me means unity in community and showing love to all businesses and entrepreneurs. About magazine allows local talent and small business to grow among our own community so people can know more about who is from right here in Stark County! —Elec Simon, former cast member of Broadway show Stomp and soloist for the Cleveland Cavaliers QStix 2016 season; featured in November 2012 Musicians You Should Know

About filled a void in our local media landscape for our community and for our advertisers. About is a lively and stunning product for readers and for advertisers who want to reach that very important upscale segment of our community. About has served our clients well over the past five years, and we look forward to future opportunities to partner with About. Its coverage is interesting and excellent. Its journalism is superb. The editors, writers and designers know their audience, which in turn is well-informed and well-served. We congratulate the About team for its success in publishing its 100th issue and thank them for all that they continue to do to serve our community. —Dick Maggiore, president & CEO, Innis Maggiore; 2010 advisory board member

About has been a refreshing gathering point for positive and progressive stories in our community. I continue to be impressed with the comprehensive coverage of the latest and greatest developments in our area, big and small and in between. In a day and age where negative and sensational stories tend to grab headlines, it is increasingly important to have an outlet to cover the growing number of exciting and positive things happening around town. About magazine has a critical role in restoring hometown pride and providing hope for the future of our community. —Derek Gordon, director, Canton Parks & Recreation; featured in December 2012 Nonprofit Movers & Shakers

My wife is a teacher, and she has heard a lot of comments from friends in education on how much they enjoy About. —Cam Denbrock, single copy manager, The Canton Repository and About

Our favorite issue, of course, is December 2008, featuring Canton Ballet dancers Ethan Lee and Natalie Cecchini performing in The Nutcracker. Inside the issue, we were named the number one thing to do that holiday season. We are very proud of our dancers and love to see them recognized in our community. —Deby Barath, manager, Canton Ballet

Not only has About showcased so many amazing people, events and businesses in Stark County that we otherwise wouldn’t have known are even here, but it truly does care about these things and has a tremendous sense of community! Speaking in regards to our antique shop, whether it be one sentence or a feature—the writers have always written with excellence about us and treated our business as their own. But to top it off, and on an even more personal note, when our business suffered a hardship this year while advertising with them, their care and concern for us was to “help us through” rather than charge us! Wow! So very grateful for them! Needless to say, we are more than fans and hope to be advertising with them again soon. —James and Debi Marshall, Marshall’s Antique Warehouse; featured in LUXE Lookbook 2016 and June 2016 Jess vs. Living the LUXE Life

Favorite issues? How can I not point to the Canton Marathon preview of April 2012? One of the runners profiled was my wife, Anne. This reader has rooted for About’s success from its beginning. But in 2014, my interest in About intensified because one of my best friends, Jess Bennett, joined The Canton Repository to run its magazine division. Everything else that follows is a fan letter to a friend. About, for starters, is visually arresting. Also, it is packed with information—items you would expect and items that surprise you. Content and design, particularly About’s use of photography, makes a breeze through the magazine nearly impossible. Something always stops you. Because it is all about Stark County, the staff’s affection for this community is obvious. About, for me, is a friend’s artistic vision turned into visual treats, lots of stuff, surprises, irreverence and opportunities for Repository colleagues to shine in new ways. More, please. —David Kaminski, vice president for public policy and energy, Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce

The gold standard for community magazines. —David Beule, CPA, owner, Appalachian Basin CPAs and The Canton Brewing Company; featured in October 2014 Exclusive Homes, February 2015 Brew View, November 2015 Brew View Update

It was January 2008 when it was announced that The Canton Repository would be starting a monthly regional magazine—with the first issue to debut in May. Two months later, as editor of About, I stood at the door of a conference room where the senior management team awaited, clutching a plain navy blue binder that held what would be the first issue of About magazine, 3-hole punched and patched together with adhesive spray. I held my breath as the general manager yanked it from my grip and watched as the team silently started to leaf through each page. The silence was broken a dozen or so pages in when someone said, “Umm, this is pretty amazing.” Exhale. Fortunately, the community’s reaction a few weeks later quickly mimicked the excited comments made around the conference room table that day. And months later at an event, we heard two ladies chatter after getting their picture taken, one, clutching the hand of the other, said, “I hope our picture gets in About magazine!” The other woman responded with a grin, “That would be pretty amazing!” It was that moment when I realized we did it. The About team had created something that was amazing and struck a chord with our community. We created a publication that highlighted a different side of our community than can be done in a daily newspaper. We created a coffee-table keeper—and a conversation starter—about all of the very best things in our community. Pretty amazing.  —former editor Darla Brown, senior content strategist, The Karcher Group

Each month, our community turns to About Magazine as its go-to publication to keep up to date on specialized business services, the arts, unique dining and social events. Congratulations, About, on 100 issues of capturing the phenomenal quality of life in Stark County! —Denny Saunier, president & CEO, Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce; 2010 advisory board member; featured in January 2015 Stark County’s 10 Most Influential

About Magazine staff and board members have done an excellent job highlighting people, places, events and intriguing stories about the community we live in. I have enjoyed each and every issue, and each story continues to make me very happy to be a part of a bigger picture that makes Stark County great. —Cheli Curran, MBA, executive director/CEO, Domestic Violence Project, Inc.; featured in November 2010 Downtown Movers & Shakers, July 2015 Part & Parcel

As an active member of the community, I have found that About is the best way to stay connected with everything Stark County has to offer. Whether it is a local event or an up-and-coming local business, About magazine has it covered. About magazine has been an integral part in spreading the word about our annual charity event, Dentistry from the Heart Event, as well as sharing how our dental services can benefit the community. I also enjoyed seeing my son featured in About as a “Stark County Musician You Should Know” (November 2012). I always look forward to receiving the next issue of About. Thank you, About magazine, for your great work! —Dr. Constantin Farah, Center for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Care; featured in September 2015 Local Faves, LUXE Lookbook 2016

Having owned my business in downtown Canton for over 10 years, I foolishly believed I knew pretty much everything about what was going on in my community. When About came along, I realized just how wrong I was—there is always something and someone new that is interesting and worth taking a look at! Stark County has so much to offer, and About is the perfect venue to spotlight just how and why we choose to make our home here. I had the privilege of being on the advisory board and was consistently impressed by the staff and the goals that they set for not only the magazine but for themselves. Our community is lucky to have such a high quality publication. Thanks, About mag. —two-time cover star Cathy Wyatt, owner, Carpe Diem Coffee Shop; 2012 advisory board member; featured in May 2008 Seize the Day and May 2013 Here’s To You Stark County cover features, November 2009 Coffee?

Congratulations on About magazine’s 100th issue! I enjoy reading About every month. Your covers, features and regular columns are entertaining, pertinent and colorful. Thank you for doing a great job in promoting Canton and Stark County! —Mayor Thomas Bernabei, city of Canton; featured in June 2016 Part & Parcel

Advertising in About has given Stark Community Foundation an outlet to share our message in a publication that reaches the entire community. Marketing the foundation in this high-quality magazine has certainly broadened our visibility and enhanced our reputation in Stark County. —Mark J. Samolczyk, president, Stark Community Foundation; 2010 advisory board member; featured in January 2015 Stark County’s 10 Most Influential

I’ll never forget the meeting in January 2008 when we found out then-publisher Kevin Kampman wanted a glossy monthly magazine to showcase Stark County. And he wanted it, like, yesterday. A jaw or two dropped. Our staff had never produced anything quite like that, so you can imagine the challenge. So we cobbled together a dedicated but spartan crew, and they dove in, and what a miracle that first issue became. Then we started to get reactions from the community, and it was so warmly received! Our team was so happy, so excited, so exhausted … for about 5 minutes. Then it was time to plan the next issue. And the rest is history. —Scott Brown, managing editor, The Canton Repository and contributor, About

In my time writing for the magazine, I’ve been asked to write the Person of the Year cover story a couple of times. My favorite was the selection of Melissa Seibert (January 2012). Seibert is someone I’d call an unsung hero; not the usual suspect for Person of the Year. She’s neither wealthy nor powerful in the conventional senses. But at the time, she was military outreach services manager for the local Red Cross, a job she relished. I loved the way she referred to all the local military service members as “my soldiers.” —Tim Botos, reporter, The Canton Repository and contributor, About

My wife, Kim, and I moved here from Florida last May. Since our arrival, we have not missed a single issue. We enjoy reading it together and love all the magazine has to offer. It showcases the facets of our community that help residents enjoy life here to its fullest, with features on people and places, food and dining, life and style, arts and entertainment and more. We are very appreciative to have such an in-depth guide to Stark County and can’t wait to see what they come up with for the 100th edition. Congratulations! Keep up the great work. —Larry Boggs, vice president, circulation & consumer marketing, GateHouse Ohio Media

The Person of the Year and most influential people edition is always an interesting read. We might know where they work or volunteer with, but it is enjoyable to know more about their history, inspiring moments and family. The local picks and favorites in any edition give me new places to try out and visit so I can show them off to others. Of course, it is always nice to read the ways people are enjoying parks and trails in the community. In fact, because of the Down to Earth Yoga at Sippo Lake Park feature in the April 2016 edition, we couldn’t fit anymore participants in the program! —Bob Fonte, director, Stark Parks; featured in April 2016 Part & Parcel

I keep most back issues of About in my home library and  refer to specific articles, events or people when I talk about the revitalization of the region on our downtown walking tours. People love the downtown living issue (December 2013) and the various chefs and food covered in the magazine over the years. Layout, photos and content are well done and make it a cover-to-cover read. —Barb Abbott, owner, Canton Food Tours; November 2010 Movers & Shakers cover star; featured in September 2012 Food, Art and History come together in Canton Food Tours, August 2016 Behind the Food

My highlight from About was in the fall of 2008 (November) when I wrote a fun piece about none other than LeBron James. The inspiration for the feature was that the subsequent two basketball seasons could be the last opportunity to witness the premier athlete in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform. And, unfortunately, I was either prophetic or I jinxed the team … because he departed for the Miami Heat in 2010. The story was laced with tidbits and humor and suggestions for heading to the big city on the lake for a game. But for the sake of Northeast Ohio sports fans, the story had a happy ending. LeBron returned … and we all know what happened: 2016 NBA champions. —Ed Balint, reporter, The Canton Repository and contributor, About

I was blessed enough to have been a member of the team that first conceptualized what would become About. We had some heated and lively discussions in those early days. Since the first issue, I knew that About was something very special. It made people look at their community differently. It created an excitement that wasn’t there before about events and people and organizations. And, for the very first time, it was a vehicle to spotlight all that was wonderful and good about our town. After about six months, what at first could be considered “good” became a wild success, sought after by readers and advertisers. We realized that About had truly grown up and become its own brand, had created that aspirational “I want to live that life” quality that we had dreamed about in the early days. One hundred issues seems so long ago. Maybe this baby has grown up. If so, it’s grown to be a beautiful, exceptional and venerable publication that we all can be proud of! —Maureen Ater, general manager, GateHouse Ohio Media

About magazine illustrates and articulates the very best of what people, places and things have to offer in our community. I look forward to reading it every month to see what I could/should be doing in Stark County. —Patrick Wyatt, senior investigator, Nationwide Insurance and owner, Carpe Diem Coffee Shop

Our community has made outstanding strides to improve our resources, retain and recruit valuable citizens, and About has been keeping us informed of the great events happening, the new businesses popping up and the philanthropic leaders of today and tomorrow striving to do the same. Thank you, About, for connecting Stark County! —Amy Weisbrod, executive director, Stark County Hunger Task Force; featured in September 2010 Nonprofit Spotlight, November 2014 Traditions of Giving Back

The thing that I most enjoy is that About is always on the forefront of what is cool and desirable in our region. At Visit Canton, we consider this publication a wonderful tool to educate local residents about the many fantastic options in dining, entertainment and art. This magazine showcases the rich quality of life that Stark County has to offer and encourages residents to be a tourist in their own community. Keep up the great work! —Allyson Bussey, president, Visit Canton; featured in April 2016 Super-Duper Campers

I love About because I am tired of people saying that there is nothing to do in Stark County! There are great, cool things happening in this community, and About features all of it! There is something for everyone, and I always pick it up when I am looking for something fun to do! I really do that! Friends who have moved away from here say all the time that there isn’t anything in Stark County like they have in the cities they live in, but we are making great strides! I feel Yoga Strong and Barre Fly are a part of this movement—bringing the best of what’s popular in the bigger cities to Canton. I love being a part of Stark County! —Amanda Fulmer, owner, Yoga Strong and Barre Fly; featured in LUXE Lookbook 2015 and 2016

I really enjoyed About’s In My Own Words segments and especially enjoyed being interviewed for the August 2011 issue. The photo was so well done, and it was fun hearing all the comments from my artist friends. Thanks for 15 minutes of fame. —Nancy Stewart Matin, fine artist; featured in August 2011 In My Own Words

About is a go-to media resource for promoting the county’s well-known and lesser-explored treasures. It sheds equal light on both rising stars and seasoned professionals and is among the most eye-catching covers on the newsstand. —Alexandra Nicholis Coon, executive director, Massillon Museum; featured in September 2008 A Breath of Fresh Air

I have always enjoyed all the magazines focusing on Stark County from back in the days of the Canton Quarterly. About has raised the bar and really continues to highlight the best in Stark County. Many talk about this and that in Cleveland and Akron but sometimes overlook the jewels we have right here in our own backyard. About helps to showcase all that we have to be proud of and then some! Of course, getting to weigh in with my five local picks this July was a plus; the tough part was limiting it to five. —Chip Conde, 2016 general chairman, Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival; featured in July 2016 Part & Parcel

Every issue of About exudes community pride. There’s so much positivity and excitement in Stark County, and we’re proud that this publication highlights all the good in our community. —Bridgette L. Neisel, vice president of advancement, Stark Community Foundation; 2010 advisory board member

As I sit in the office surrounded by past issues and proofs from this one, I’m trying to find my favorite of the bunch. In my time as editor, our team has put together 30 issues, including the one you’re reading. Month after month, we come up with new ideas for features. And there definitely have been days when I sit at my desk and grunt in frustration when I can’t get a good design concept going. But the days when everything goes smoothly, well those are the best days. I have lots of “favorite” issues, but one stands above the rest: September 2014 Local Faves, with donuts on the cover. And that might be part of the reason why I love it so much, and not just because of my giant sweet tooth. I got to be on set when the photographer shot the photos. We bought two dozen Mary Ann donuts and thought of all kinds of ways to display them, settling on a chevron pattern. I loved the final product and still drool a little when I see it. And it wasn’t so bad eating donuts for a week after! I love our food covers … and who wouldn’t be drawn to them? They feature amazing restaurants, and we get to share them with you. That’s what I love about the magazine the most—the fact that we get to tell readers about  Stark County’s best businesses, people, places, ideas. Nothing makes me happier than when people tell me how much they love About and how they reference it to find new things here. Who wouldn’t love being the editor of a magazine that does all that? —Kelsey Reinhart, editor, About magazine

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