10 years in the making

When About magazine started back in 2008, it was an exciting new frontier for the editorial staff. My predecessor took the reins and created a wonderful publication that I am lucky enough to continue to produce each month.

When About magazine started back in 2008, it was an exciting new frontier for the editorial staff. My predecessor took the reins and created a wonderful publication that I am lucky enough to continue to produce each month. I can’t take credit for the first six years, but I hope that the last four years have been as meaningful and as exhilarating for you the reader as they have been for me. Here’s a look back at my favorite covers and features from the last 10 years. And here’s to the next 10!

2008 •••
September: Exclusive Homes of Stark County
When it comes to series, sometimes the first is the best. When referring to the county’s most exclusive homes, the absolute best are featured first, making this inaugural Exclusive Homes of Stark County truly exceptional. That’s not to say the homes that followed weren’t spectacular in their own right.

2009 •••
March: Steeped in Tradition
In early 2009, the “Kimono As Art” exhibition at the Canton Museum of Art was a big draw. Kumi Day presented 13 tea ceremonies in a courtyard tea house at the museum. Dan Kane did a large feature on Day, the exhibition and tea ceremonies. Stark County was excited to welcome the culture of Japan to our community.

2010 •••
November: Stark County’s Movers & Shakers
This was the first time Barbara Abbott was on our cover—she made another appearance in June 2017. In 2010, she was named a Mover & Shaker for her involvement on many local boards. Since then, she has created and expanded Canton Food Tours.

2011 •••
May: Why we love Stark
This issue was essentially a love letter to the whole county. It highlighted favorite restaurants, attractions and shops from each community with some background on the area, as well as why community members love the area.

2012 •••
November: Stark County Musicians You Should Know
The Stark County music scene was bursting with talent in 2012 (and still is). Many of the featured musicians are still out there making music. The cover star dreamed of moving to Nashville, and that’s where she is now.

2013 •••
January: Person of the Year
Malone University cross country coach Jack Hazen was the Person of the Year in 2013. Rightfully so. The coach has trained plenty of winners and represented the United States at the 2012 Olympic Games in London as a distance coaching assistant at age 72. He recently celebrated 50 years of coaching at Malone in 2017.

2014 •••
March: Feast Awards
This issue was especially fun to put together since our team worked really hard behind the scenes to get ready for the relaunch. We debuted a new logo, style template and website. This also was my first issue as editor. And it was the first time we tackled the Feast Awards. In a sense, it was a rebrand of the previous “Must Eats.”

2015 •••
September: Local Faves
The Local Faves issue is always a spectacular issue. Tallying readers’ votes and choosing editors’ picks are my favorite parts. In particular, this issue was even more fun than others because it was our biggest issue to date (at that time), and we had fun creating a sandwich to put on the cover. It’s not our first sandwich creation—see the cover at left (it’s an extension of Deli Ohio’s BLT known as the Brie-LT).

2016 •••
April: Stark After Dark
Who knew Stark was overflowing with watering holes? We took it upon ourselves to highlight the best bars and nightspots in this issue. Not a bad gig! We also had a reader-submitted cocktail competition—complete with staff judging—with the top three recipes being awarded the coveted cover spot. (Find the recipes online.)

2017 •••
October: Oktoberfest
Contrary to what it may seem, I’m not a big drinker. I enjoyed working on this Oktoberfest-themed issue because I got to visit Maize Valley and learn all about the brewing process. Craft brewing is so popular in our community, and getting to know how the beers are brewed made it all the more interesting. The issue was also jam-packed with other local breweries and their top beer picks.

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