Letter from the Editor: September 2018

In a perfect world, I would tally all of your votes for Local Faves, see which local businesses won and then go out and test the winners to make sure they’re worthy. I’d enjoy tons of delicious food and shop all the best boutiques. I would meet the who’s-who of Stark County and try all of the top-tier services. I’d enjoy all kinds of festivals and fun.

Make meditation part of your routine

Why are some people just so happy all of the time while the rest of us struggle? We’ve all seen the type: The lady in her workout clothes, holding a bottle of water and talking about how great her yoga session was and how she meditates daily.

Letter from the Editor: August 2018

It has been almost 10 years since I started my first day of college. I remember being bogged down by my backpack that held my laptop, a notebook for every class and every book needed for those classes, plus my lunch. I was a commuter if you couldn’t guess. And I was just like every other freshman, easily spotted from a mile away with a dumbfounded look on my face and class schedule in my hands.

Mr. & Mrs. McCully | Love at last

After working together—and becoming close friends—at Sluggers and Putters for three summers, Skyler and Caitlin finally started dating in 2014. Something just clicked all of a sudden when Skyler went away for a trip to the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee with a group of his friends from college. Skyler texted and called Caitlin while he was away to tell her how exciting the festival was and how she should join in the fun next year.

Letter from the Editor: July 2018

A few months ago during one of our weekly library trips, Austin perused the new nonfiction section and brought home “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker. For the next few weeks, I was bombarded with all kinds of sleep knowledge, some of which I would rather not have known.

So you want to run a race?

Summer is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to dust off the old running shoes—or buy new, no judgment here—and hit the trails. If you’re new to the sport of running or if it has been awhile, you’ll want to ease into it. You don’t want to strain or pull anything, which can easily happen if you push yourself too hard.

Letter from the Editor: June 2018

During the summer when I was a kid, my yard served as the neighborhood gathering place. Kickball, softball, volleyball, dodgeball—you name it, we played it. I spent all my waking hours outside soaking up the sun. A dip in the pool, some basketball in the driveway, twirling baton in the yard, riding bikes down the road, catching fireflies at night. I had no time to waste inside.