Jim Hillibish

Jim Hillibish is a graduate of Kent State University and started at The Repository as a photographer and reporter. He has been a feature editor, Lifestyle editor and City Editor. He developed and launched cantonrep.com in 1996 and presently writes editorial columns and food and feature stories.

Recipe: Jalapeño Cheese Poppers

Beat the heat with more heat. Ever wonder why the world’s spiciest foods come from the world’s hottest climates? It’s all about cool. Spicy food cranks up the body’s most efficient air conditioner, sweat. In torrid latitudes, this is a defense giving meaning to comfort food. So don’t hesitate to serve salsa, curry and spicy peppers on hot summer days.

Latest and greatest tech | National

This will be the summer of cellphones’ moving beyond calling, texting and web surfing. They’re quickly becoming truly interactive, solving problems we’ve taken for granted for many decades and some we haven’t imagined yet. We’re seeing the first TV ads touting “Internet Everywhere.”

Recipe: Italian meatballs

Walk in to a flood of blended aromas. This is the tradition of Dioguardi’s Italian Foods, a 90-plus-year-old best-kept secret for foodies. Almost nothing has changed at this grocery except the date on the calendar. Mama was the saleswoman, Papa the sausage maker and the stand-up guy to her jokes.