Crushing on Gervasi

Gervasi Vineyard and Italian Bistro unveils a new addition to its family this month: The Crush House & Winery. The $3.5-$4 million project, nestled in the rear of the 55-acre estate, houses a new winery, restaurant and wine bar.

The Wine Doctor

Dr. Godwin Meniru of Jackson Township seems unstoppable. The gynecologist, obstetrician — and vintner — has gone from producing mead to hard cider to sangria in less than a year at his Meniru Meadery at 5868 Fulton Drive NW.

Do yourself a favor

Wedding favors are going edible — and we’ve got some fun do-it-yourself ideas for you to sink your teeth into! Food is a trendy way to thank and impress wedding guests.

Fine wine-ry

Whatever your mood, it seems Gervasi Vineyard & Italian Bistro has the ambience to match. Among the choices: The Bistro in a restored 1800s barn, offering upscale dining in a lively atmosphere. The downstairs “cantino di vino,” with an intimate wine cellar atmosphere.

Object of my affection

As the owner of Freedom Harley-Davidson in North Canton, Dave Smith has spent his life around fabulous motorcycles. His personal collection includes a number of outstanding bikes, as well, including 10 vintage motorcycles.

Load up on your veggies

Don’t like what you see on your post-holiday scale? We get it. We also know eating right this time of year can be a challenge. After all, it’s hard to want to eat salad and veggies all the time when comfort food is what we really crave — especially at this time of year.

Defining Luxury

Like beauty, luxury is in the eye of the beholder. To a harried couple with children, luxury might mean an exquisite dinner with fine wine at a five-star restaurant. To a fashion-forward businessman or woman, luxury may translate to an Armani suit. For the passionate gardener, luxury may be the addition of a greenhouse conservatory.

The pies have it

If one dessert exemplifies autumn and the holiday season, it’s pie. And whether it’s pumpkin, peanut butter or pecan, our love of this humble creation is deeply rooted in family tastes and tradition, especially on special occasions.