Turning over a new leaf

A leafy ceramic platters in all the colors that autumn offers can be a shiny backdrop to Thanksgiving appetizers. $6.95, small; $8.95, medium; and $11.95 large. Just Imagine, (Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities Whipple-Dale Centre), 2950 Whipple Ave. NW, Plain Township. (330)477-5200.

Summer by the lake

Those fortunate enough to live lakeside or to have a cottage retreat revel in the season’s splendor. Cast off your monotones, your muted greens and flat taupes. Dive with abandon into color and see how that one change enlivens this season’s memories for years to come.

April showers bring …

Happily, others entertain a more upbeat anticipation of the fourth calendar month. Check out these finds in time for April showers.

Fall entertaining

Transform an empty wine bottle into a candelabra by inserting centerpiece into the mouth of the bottle.

The Invisible Chef

Jackson Township mom is co-founder of gourmet-quality cake and bread line. If one were to profile the typical customer of The Invisible Chef, it could well be Jill McCauley.

What is your antique worth?

How long has your great-grandfather’s brass spittoon languished unused in a corner? There always is the possibility it represents some monetary value in the antiques world.

Dress up your table

A feast, whether for a holiday family gathering or a dinner party, deserves a festive table. And nothing sets the mood for such events as handily as guests spying a colorful table adorned with interesting and unexpected objects in addition to your best china, silver and crystal.