Day in the Life: Katy Chresos

Time to make the doughnuts, time to make the doughnuts. If you are too young to remember Michael Vale’s portrayal of Fred the Baker’s catchphrase in Dunkin’ Donuts commercials in the 1980s, you probably won’t understand. But Katy Chresos does.

Sizzling Steak Award | Feast Awards 2015

Stark County is blessed with steakhouses, many of which are good. Very good. But they are only going to get honorable mentions here. I have to tell you, the best steak in town is at Lucia’s Steakhouse in Jackson Township.

Day in the Life: Kaolene Metzger

Love and marriage. Love and significant others. It doesn’t matter what state a relationship is in, it is a slippery road to travel. Kaolene Metzger, a relationship/family counselor in private practice, helps to make the road less hazardous.

Stark County’s 10 Most Influential: Mark Samolczyk

Ask Mark Samolczyk to define himself, and he will tell you he is a team player, collaborator, socially and fiscally conservative, thoughtful and community-minded. Ask him to define himself at home, and the answer is much shorter. “A private person.”

Stark County’s 10 Most Influential: Maria Heege

When Maria Heege retires—someday—she wants to live on a boat, making jewelry. Until then, though, she is thoroughly enjoying the career she has chosen, servant leadership, which makes her one of Stark County’s most influential people.

Day in the Life: Christopher Pop-In-Kins

Things are speeding up at the North Pole, and Santa and his elves are busy getting ready for the holidays. Even Santa’s first children’s elf, Christopher Pop-In-Kins, is excited for them to come, because for him, it means being able to visit with children all over the world.