Dan Kane

Dan Kane is the entertainment editor for The Repository’s Ticket magazine, for which he writes about theater, movies, rock ‘n’ roll, art, classical music, dance, restaurants, festivals and everything else that’s going on. Growing up in Wooster, he always thought of Canton as “the big city.”

Melanie Begue | Brave & Beautiful

Melanie Begue had a moment of self-revelation when she discovered a lump on her breast in August 2019. “I have had a lot of things throughout my life that have been a little bit traumatic. I try and let things bounce off my back,” said Begue. “When I found the lump, I knew what it was. I knew it wasn’t an everyday cyst. I knew I had to stay mentally clear, otherwise I never would have been able to physically fight it.”

Why is sunscreen so important?

Using sunscreen daily, even when it is cloudy or raining, dramatically decreases your risk of developing skin cancer. This is especially true of the deadliest form, melanoma, which is responsible for the vast majority of skin-cancer deaths, according to UnityPoint Health. Sunscreen also slows down the development of wrinkles and leathery skin and helps keep skin tone even.

George’s Lounge | Behind the Food

It was on First Friday in August 2012 that a downtown Canton standby, George’s Lounge, reopened with three new owners. “We’re all from Canton. We saw what was happening downtown, and we thought the location was perfect,” said Ryan McMichael, who partnered with his twin brother, Aaron, with whom he has a chiropractic business, and John Degenhardt, a friend of theirs since elementary school.

CoTwins Veterinary Care

As the name of their veterinary practice would suggest, Sarah Copar and Mandy Company are identical twin sisters. The doctors opened CoTwins Veterinary Care in 2012 and moved the offices to 2439 Whipple Avenue NW in 2017. Natives of Tuscarawas County, they graduated from Tusky Valley High School in 2005, earned bachelor’s degrees in biology from Kent State University, then attended the Ross University of Veterinary Medicine.