Red Barn Home Furnishings: “Tree to table”

The rolling greenery of Minerva contains a number of barns, but none quite like the home of Red Barn Home Furnishings. For founder, carpenter and lead designer Ben Crawford, it’s more than a business; it’s the continuing story of his family’s love of nature and trees in particular.

Maureen Ater gives her local picks

If you were to look up the word “happy” in the dictionary, there’s a fair chance you could spot Maureen Ater’s photo. The vice president of marketing and fund development at Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland is an outgoing and energetic mom of three daughters and a hometown girl who grew up on the same street as her husband, Patrick, an educator at Canton Country Day School.

Malone University | On Campus

When Walter and Emma Malone first embarked on their dream in 1892 to open northeast Ohio’s first school of ministry, they could not have imagined just how large that dream would become.

What does it take to get a good night’s sleep?

Every night, millions of Americans toss and turn in a futile quest to get a good night’s sleep. Statistics show that as many as 60 million of us fail to get the full eight hours health experts recommend, due to stress, diet, our sedentary lifestyles and perhaps the two biggest culprits: TV and social media.

The Next Chapter: Bookstore doubles as gathering spot

To enter The Next Chapter bookstore at 310 Fourth Street NW in Canton is to feel instantly comfortable. With its well-worn, original wooden floor and leather furniture, the shop features walls lined with books covering practically every genre that can be written, from history, to theology, to fiction, to children’s literature.

Summer games | The Great Outdoors

In Stark County, it’s easy to make the most of summer through a variety of recreational and sports activities geared toward getting you outdoors. The city of Canton’s Parks & Recreation department offers a wide selection of leagues for outdoor sports.

Bird’s Nest Furniture: Eclectic and stylish finds

Walking into the Bird’s Nest Furniture is like stepping into another world. A well-appointed, eclectic and stylish world. The store at 4718 Everhard Road NW specializes in furniture constructed from recycled wood, and reconfigured and rescued materials from India, along with antiques, home décor items and unusual light fixtures.