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Schauer Group | In the Biz

In 1919, Alfred T. Schauer of Canton founded Schauer & Reed Insurance Agency. Despite being blind, Schauer found success with his company. Upon his death in 1945, his widow, Marie, took over managing their business while their only son, Thomas, completed his studies at Ohio State University, where he earned a degree in insurance.

One-Tank Trip: Cincinnati

From Skyline Chili, to its riverfront, to flying pigs, Cincinnati is a city that wears its history on its sleeve. During the 1980s as the city was reviving its riverfront, an artist came up with the concept of the “flying pig” sculptures as a nod to the city’s past as a major pork producer, earning it the nickname “Porkopolis.”

1899 Indoor Golf | In the Biz

A causal invitation from one friend to another has resulted in the creation of one of the area’s most unique new businesses. Brian Lindenbaum and John-Michael Speelman are co-founders and co-owners of 1899 Indoor Golf, which opened in November. Located at 4700 Everhard Road NW in Jackson Township, 1899 Golf has found its niche: Providing a year-around, weatherproof venue for golfers.

One-tank trip: Amish Country

In 1805, a group of Amish settlers in Pennsylvania began the move west to Ohio, resulting in one of the nation’s largest concentrations of their community. Today, Northeast Ohio is home to 60,000 Amish in roughly 52 communities. Amish life is a big draw for non-Amish tourists, who are curious and fascinated with their 19th century way of life.

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The Repository
Select Rite Aid Stores
Spee-D Foods
Buehler's Fresh Foods
Fishers Foods, including 44th Street NW, Tuscarawas St. W, Fulton Drive, Lincoln Way E. and Cleveland Ave. NW locations
Aultman Hospital Gift Shop
Mercy Medical Center Gift Shop
Gervasi Vineyard Marketplace
Carpe Diem Coffee Shop, downtown Canton and Belden Village Mall locations
News Depot
Avenue Arts Marketplace
Yum Yum Tree Alliance
Grapes in a Glass