Splurge: First Row Centre for the Arts

When talking with First Row Centre For The Arts co-owners and mother-daughter team Eleni Shiepis-Manos and Nanetta Kounouzvelis, one thing becomes immediately clear: First Row is a space that refuses to be compartmentalized.

Not your ordinary kitchen

A 1,700-square-foot deck complete with a gazebo; vaulted ceilings; and a floor-to-ceiling library are just a few of David and Susan Farinacci’s favorite aspects of their home.

Date Night: Rekindling the flame

Mike Green, the owner of Cleveland-based matchmaking service Lunch Date, recommends longtime lovers spend their date nights going out on a limb and trying new things to keep the spark alive.

Date Night: Getting to know you

Whether you’re just starting to date someone or you’ve been with your significant other for years, date nights can be important for your relationship. Get to know each other better by heading on one of these date night adventures.

Traditions of giving back

With what’s projected to be another harsh winter headed toward the Midwest, local organizations are preparing to help the community with supplies such as warm clothes, food and shelter.

Thanksgiving Traditions: Litsa Varonis’ vegan gravy

The Varonis family of North Canton was practicing the Mediterranean diet before it was popular. “Since there are many fast days in the Greek Orthodox church that mean abstaining from meat—or meat, fish and dairy—cooking ‘vegan’ is nothing new,” said Litsa Varonis.

Tips for de-stressing your life

Being overwhelmed with work, school, family and friends can be a major cause of stress for many Americans, but there are some easy ways to help de-stress without making major lifestyle changes or taking medication.