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Andrea Legg | Books of My Life

Andrea Legg is the new director of the North Canton Public Library. A Stark County native, she graduated from Canton Central Catholic High School and Malone University before pursuing her Master’s of Library and Information Science degree at Kent State University. She lives in the Dover area with her husband and son.

What was your favorite childhood treat from the ice cream truck? | Contributor Q&A

Just about every time I answered the call of the summer ding-a-ling and ran to the ice cream truck, I bought—OK, Mom purchased—an ice cream bar dipped in a dark and flavorful coating. Cold and refreshing ice cream covered in chocolate—a double treat that in the summer sun you hurried to eat before it ran down the stick onto your knuckles.

Tyler & Rochelle Sponaugle | Local Wedding Showcase

How did you and your spouse meet, and how long have you been together? “Tyler and I have been together for eight years and married for 10 months. We met in fourth grade when I moved to Mineral City. Despite always living within a mile of one another, we never seemed to cross paths. Fast forward to 2011, after each of us moved to different cities and attended different colleges, we finally connected. 

Nicholas & Kee’Auna Parker | Local Wedding Showcase

How did you and your spouse meet, and how long have you been together? “Nicholas and I met in middle school while attending Middlebranch Middle School. We fell in love with one another and ‘officially’ began dating March 15, 2008. (We come from the era where social media was evolving and it was imperative to provide the exact date because a relationship is not official unless it says so on Facebook, right?!) Since then, we have grown together, along with our love for one another.”

Zach & Jenna Welker | Local Couple Showcase

How did you and your spouse meet, and how long have you been together? “We went to high school together. We never dated throughout high school but always had mutual friends. Jenna went to Ohio University for college, and Zach attended Kent State University. The beginning of Jenna’s junior year, Zach came down with a group of friends to visit for the weekend, and from then on, the rest is history. They dated for about seven and a half years before getting engaged.”

Zealous Nutrition

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