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Real stories about powerful people and the lives they lead

Real stories about powerful people and the lives they lead

“The Boy Kings: a Journey into the Heart of the Social Network,” by Katherine Losse (hardcover, Free Press, 2012, 232 pages, $26). This book takes us into the heart of the fast-growing information empire of Facebook, inviting us to high-level meetings with Mark Zuckerberg; taking us behind the scenes; and introducing us to the personalities, values and secret ambitions of the floppy-haired boy wonders who are redefining the way we live, love and work.

“Gaga,” by Johnny Morgan (hardcover, Sterling, 2010, 160 pages, $24.95). Offers a chronicle of Lady Gaga’s life and successful career, her music and videos, her unique look — and describes her childhood through stardom, as well as the artists who influenced her.

“Lean In: Women,Work, and the Will to Lead,” by Sheryl Sandberg (hardcover, Alfred A. Knopf, 2013, 228 pages, $24.95). The Facebook COO and Fortune top-ranked business woman shares provocative, anecdotal advice for women that urges them to take risks and seek new challenges to find work that they can love and engage in passionately.

“Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture,” by Andy Cohen (hardcover, Henry Holt and Company, 2012, 273 pages, $25). The head of Bravo reality television’s empire writes about his lifelong love affair with pop culture that brought him from the suburbs of St. Louis to his own television show.

“Steve Jobs,” by Walter Isaacson (hardcover, Simon & Schuster, 2011, 630 pages, $35). Draws on more than 40 interviews with Steve Jobs, as well as interviews with family members, friends, competitors and colleagues, to offer a look at the co-founder and leading creative force behind the Apple computer company.