Movies, music and TV through the ages

Throughout the years, music, movies and TV have changed and evolved into what they are today. Read about the life of musicians, the story behind documentary filmmakers, the beginning of TV and more.

Throughout the years, music, movies and TV have changed and evolved into what they are today. Read about the life of musicians, the story behind documentary filmmakers, the beginning of TV and more.

books_Reeling“Reeling Through Life: How I Learned to Live, Love and Die at the Movies”

by Tara Ison (paperback, Soft Skull Press, 2015, 256 pages, $15.95).

Through 10 cleverly constructed essays, Ison explores how a lifetime of movie watching has, for better or worse, taught her how to navigate the world and how to grapple with issues of career, family, faith, illness, sex and love.

books_NewBiographical“The New Biographical Dictionary of Film”

by David Thomson (paperback, Knopf, 2014, 1168 pages, $29.95).

More than 100 new entries have been added since the last edition, in 2010, including Amy Adams, Benedict Cumberbatch, Joaquin Phoenix and Robin Wright. Thomson is not shy about broadcasting his very personal views on people involved in filmmaking, among them performers, directors, producers, writers and translators.

books_SoundofMusic“The Sound of Music Story”

by Tom Santopietro (hardcover, St. Martin’s Press, 2015, 324 pages, $28.99).

When “The Sound of Music” was released in the United States, the love affair between moviegoers and the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical was on. Rarely has a film captured the love and imagination of the moviegoing public in the way that “The Sound of Music” did as it blended history, music, Austrian location filming and heartfelt emotion into a monster hit.

books_Independent“Independent Ed: Inside a Career of Big Dreams, Little Movies, and the Twelve Best Days of My Life”

by Edward Burns (hardcover, Gotham Books, 2015, 272 pages, $26.95).

An entertaining and inspirational memoir by one of the most prominent practitioners and evangelists of independent filmmaking and acclaimed writer, director and actor.

books_Dropbox“The Drop Box: How 500 Abandoned Babies, an Act of Compassion, and a Movie Changed My Life Forever”

by Brian Ivie (paperback, David C. Cook, 2015, 208 pages, $15.99).

Brian Ivie was filled with compassion as he read an LA Times article about Pastor Lee’s solution to unwanted newborns in South Korea—a baby drop box. Ivie traveled halfway around the world to film the documentary “The Drop Box.” At its heart, this is a story of spiritual orphans—young and old—discovering their true identity as children of God.

books_SaturdayNight“Saturday Night Live: The Book”

by Alison Castle (hardcover, Taschen. 2015, 500 pages, $49.99).

Part encyclopedia and part behind-the-scenes tour, “Saturday Night Live: The Book” covers both the making of the show and its remarkable history.

books_BestGags“Best. Gags. Ever!”

by Alan Buxton (hardcover, Prion, 2015, 256 pages, $19.95).

From Groucho to Gervais, this is the ultimate collection of more than 1,000 of the world’s funniest jokes, one-liners and zingers from stand-up, film and television.

books_StoryofMusic“The Story of Music: From Babylon to the Beatles”

by Howard Goodall (paperback, Pegasus, 2015, 368 pages, $15.95).

In his dynamic tour through 40,000 years of music, from prehistoric instruments to modern-day pop, Howard Goodall leads us through the story of music as it happened, idea by idea, so that each musical innovation—harmony, notation, sung theater, the orchestra, dance music, recording—strikes us with its original force.

books_LATV“Los Angeles Television”

by Joel Tator (paperback, Arcadia Publishing, 2015, 144 pages, $26.99).

Los Angeles television history began in the small room of an auto dealership in 1931. Since then, much of the nation’s television history has been made there: the first television helicopter, the first big story that television broke before newspapers, the first live coverage of an atomic bomb and the careers of numerous icons such as Betty White, Steve Allen, Liberace, Lawrence Welk and Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Print“1965: The Most Revolutionary Year in Music”

by Andrew Grant Jackson (hardcover, Thomas Dunne Books, 2015, 328 pages, $27.99).

Fifty years ago, friendly rivalry between musicians turned 1965 into the most groundbreaking year in music history ever. It was the year rock ’n’ roll evolved into the premier art form of its time and accelerated the drive for personal freedom throughout the Western world.

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