Main St. Modern owner Adam Hoover has enjoyed buying and selling things from a very young age. As a kid, he would go to sales with his dad and come home with what his mother referred to as “garbage.” If he could make a profit, he was ecstatic.

He hasn’t given up that enthusiasm. Hoover attended school for finance on the East Coast and developed a passion for midcentury furniture while there. The coast is a mecca for that type of furniture, but Ohioans weren’t too keen on the style 10 years ago. He could find the pieces really cheap here to supplement his income from his day job.

In the past 10 years, the midcentury style has caught on, and now sales in Ohio sell out quickly and usually have overpriced pieces.

That led Hoover to other markets to buy pieces. He ventures mainly along the East Coast and sometimes across the country to find midcentury furniture.

He started collecting furniture in his garage, and the collection soon became too big.

“It just kept growing. I started in a garage, and then it was my basement and the garage. And then it was my entire house and the garage. And then it was, we bought another building up on Cleveland Avenue. It was 4,000 square feet, but we never let anybody in because it was just furniture stacked to the ceiling and all the way back to the walls.”

Three years ago, after six months of negotiating, Hoover purchased the building on Mulberry Road SE in Canton, where the store is now. It houses all imports, and at first, Hoover was afraid he wouldn’t be able to fill it. It’s full now, and he’s interested in another retail location.

He stocks his store with designer names, and he knows the worth of his pieces. After purchasing items, he brings them back to the store to refinish them, reupholster them and get them back as close to their original state as he can. He wants his customers to be informed about the style of furniture while also getting the best bang for their buck. He sees the furniture as investment pieces because they’re meant to last a long time.

His team puts a lot of time and effort into restoring these pieces. With the help of Jason Dye of Artwood Custom Finishes, Liz Upham of Green Door Designs and his intern, Rebecca Sabul, Hoover feels that his customers are getting the best products from one of the largest dealers of midcentury furniture in the United States.


Sunburst Mirror

This mirror was purchased in Philadelphia. When Adam Hoover found it, there was an old clock screwed into the middle. And in his words, “It looked so wrong.” He took it back to the way it was intended to look. He returned the torch-cut brass, brutalist (burned metal) sunburst wall mirror to the original Tom Greene style popular in the 1970s. He had Viking Glass in North Canton cut the mirror, and Jason Dye cut the wood and fit it together. The piece measures 37 1/2 inches in diameter, with the mirror measuring 11 1/2 inches wide.

All proceeds from the winning bids go to Habitat for Humanity and ReStore.

Main St. Modern:
618 Mulberry Rd. SE, Canton
Open April through October and year-round by appointment

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