101 Things: At Home

If the idea of longer, warmer days has you reaching for the tongs, it’s time to get your grilling game on before the season is in full swing.


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It may not sound like much fun now, but if the timeline for “spring cleaning” got away from you this year, it’s not too late to get the house sorted out. And you’ll enjoy the summer more if you dig in now. Plus, organization around the house was one of the big trends at the 2015 International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago, and plenty of products were introduced to make your home a bit tidier. Check out these not-to-be-missed gadgets.

Alpha Ironing Mat
wayfair.com | $16.99
An everyday ironing solution, the Alpha Ironing Mat turns any flat surface such as tables, beds and floors into a smooth ironing surface. A finalist for an innovation award at the show, the 47-by-26-inch mat is available in bright colors and patterns, and is easy to fold and store, durable and ideal for daily use. To prevent accidents such as a burned bedsheet, it comes with a built-in silicone mat where the iron can be stored safely.

Lil’ Holster
holsterbrands.com | $9.99-$29.99
Holster debuted a new line of colorful and clever silicone storage solutions with
Lil’ Holster, which is intended for smaller items such as kitchen gadgets and hair-styling tools. The portable silicone pocket sticks to any smooth nonporous surface (and is easily removable) to hold remotes, toiletries and more. Fun and handy, Lil’ Holster products keep things clean, in order and easy to reach. Heat resistant to 250 degrees. Can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and water.

fusionbrands.com | $30
Is your dish rack a clunky counter hog? Ditch it for the WaveRack, a minimalistic hybrid dish rack and dish drying mat in one. It was an innovation award finalist at the show. Its unique wave design holds plates and utensils vertically, while pots, glasses and cups are elevated for air drying. The rack portion is made of rigid polypropylene and the drying mat area is made of flexible silicone. Its organic elegance invites you to leave it out on the counter or fold it in half for easy storage.