Alison Matas
A little chilly …
I was at my cousin’s summer wedding, and the reception hall was freezing. I, of course, had not planned appropriately and was dressed for the 90-degree outdoor temperatures. My grandma saw how cold I was and sternly told my date to take off his shirt and give it to me. He lovingly told her that then he’d only be left wearing his dress pants and vest, and she told him that was fine because then he’d look like one of those Chippendales dancers. That’s my family, everybody. (Also, after that comment, we all just laughed kind of awkwardly and my dad offered me his suit jacket, so crisis averted.)

Jessica Holbrook
Trouble with the ring …
On my wedding day, I was (I think understandably) a mixture of super nervous and extremely excited. Our outdoor ceremony was going beautifully—I did have to shoo away a bee that landed on our officiant—until it came time for the rings. I slipped my husband’s ring on the wrong finger, and my mom, seated a few feet away in the front row, stage whispered “That’s the wrong finger!” I, and everyone else in earshot, laughed as I took the ring off and asked if we could try that again.

Kelsey Reinhart
Diaper trouble …
The past four years have been a blur of weddings. Of the eight weddings we’ve attended, either my fiancé or I have been in five of them. But my funniest memory from a wedding goes way back to the early ‘90s when my siblings and I were wee little. My family was attending a family member’s wedding—it was so long ago (and I was so young) I can’t remember who’s—when my brother had a little bit of an accident. See, my brother was in the pull-ups phase. My dad took him to use the bathroom, and somehow the pull-up got flushed down the toilet. My brother watched it and said, “Diaper go down the hole.” I don’t remember exactly how the story ended, but I’m pretty sure there weren’t any extra pull-ups in the car.

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