Some of my favorite days are photo shoot days. Getting out of the office is always nice. And getting to see an idea come to life is the best part. Usually, I just assign photographs to our photo department and wait to see the final result. Being on location and essentially directing the shoot adds another level of fun to the process.

For this month’s Stylin’ Spring feature, we chose to focus on one local clothing boutique: Laura of Pembroke. Our goal was to showcase eight or nine outfits that would work for a variety of ages and occasions. We love the looks at Laura of Pembroke, and the ladies there are always so accommodating to our needs, so it was a perfect fit.

When I arrived at 9 a.m.—an hour before the store opened, I was greeted by Eloise, Lauren Bosworth’s French bulldog.

Lauren then showed me which outfits she pulled, all of which fit the aesthetic I was going for. Upon further review, she decided to switch out one outfit.

Just then, our photographer Julie Botos showed up, also greeted by Eloise.

During the whole shoot, Eloise kept weaving in and out of photos, wondering what we were doing. Of course, Julie grabbed a couple shots of Eloise doing her thing.

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