When collaborating with another entity on a special section, things can get tricky. When collaborating with another entity plus 20 high-achieving, busy individuals, things are guaranteed to get tricky.

This issue features the Twenty under 40! special section honoring this year’s class. The process goes a little something like this: The ystark! Twenty under 40! selection committee convenes and chooses this year’s recipients and shares all of that information with the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, which then passes that information to us.

We then coordinate with each recipient to have them answer questions, which you’ll see in the section. Our photographer coordinates to get photos taken. We then reach out again to each recipient to have them confirm the important details about them, including education, community involvement, accomplishments and family details provided by the nominators.

Essentially, it’s a lot of emailing back and forth with a lot of very busy people. People who have many accolades—accolades that we want to highlight properly, hence all the fact-checking and confirming with them.

From there, we coordinate with ystark! to make the awards gala plans, to be held June 19.

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