This issue itself is a little nontraditional compared to our health issues of the past. Because sleep is a big portion of our lives (and our health), I figured why not have it be the cover story?

That was the easy part. The hard part was figuring out how to visualize what would go on the cover. Having a photo of someone sleeping isn’t exactly glamorous, and choosing to shoot an empty bed can be a little plain, and it might convey a different kind of message—definitely not the tone we’re going for.

And even if we could find a bed, how would we portray someone not being able to sleep? While I was brainstorming, Dan Kane came up with the bright idea of utilizing the space at John Strauss Furniture Design. Thankfully, John agreed.

Then it was time to find a model. Who would be comfortable in front of a camera while pretending to be tired? That’s when I called on a friend of mine, Audrey Snyder, who is a kindergarten teacher. We shot this in mid-May when all students seem to get a little crazy, so it wasn’t difficult for Audrey to actually yawn.

Add in John Strauss’ dog Pablo—who could be a model in his own right—and you get the perfect shot. I’m still not sure how we got the dog to yawn and settle down to sleep. It was almost as if on cue. John really should think about booking Pablo some commercials!

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