Letter from the Editor: May 2018

This month marks 10 years of About. I can only take credit for being a part of the last four years. A lot has changed since that first issue back in May 2008.

Cheers to 10 years!

This month marks 10 years of About. I can only take credit for being a part of the past four years. A lot has changed since that first issue back in May 2008.

The biggest change came in March 2014, when we gave the magazine a makeover. We thought long and hard about what we wanted About to look like. We even thought about changing to a new name. Eventually, we decided to keep the name, as we already had brand recognition in the community.

We chose new colors, a new logo, new regular departments, and we debuted a new website.

After roughly four years of the look, we decided it was time again to refresh some things. Back in January, we showed off a slightly updated redesign. We tweaked our logo, we changed our signature red color and we added two other primary colors to our palette (yellow and pale blue). We also made some other tweaks throughout, including some new monthly departments.

As with everything in life and business, sometimes it’s good to step back and see what’s working and what’s not. We never want our magazine to feel stale, and we always want new, exciting content for you, the readers. So I can guarantee that things will change again in the future to keep up with what’s cool and fun in the community.

In the days of social media and almost everything being available online, we love that we still have a strong reader base, and we love that we still receive snail mail from time to time.

It usually shows up if you guys absolutely love an article or are upset that we featured such and such.

I admit, it can be aggravating to be on the receiving end of an angry letter. But then again, it shows that you guys care about our community. And that says a lot about Stark County. We’re a community, and we have each other’s backs.

I’m proud that we get to showcase all of the best things we have to offer here in Stark County. And we’ll continue to do our very best to bring you features and articles on the county’s most exciting attractions, outstanding individuals, spectacular local shops and businesses, and more.

See my favorite issues from the past 10 years inside this issue. And speaking of great local businesses, this month’s Gourmet Legacy feature highlights seven local, long-standing restaurants with tasty food and wonderful rapport with the community.

Until next month,
Kelsey Reinhart, editor

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