Letter from the Editor: March 2014

Maya Angelou once said, “In a magazine, one can get—from cover to cover—15 to 20 different ideas about life and how to live it.” So for the past few months, we have contemplated how best to deliver on Angelou’s claim.

For starters, About has a brand-new look, as promised, with changes crafted for our readers. You wanted more content, a deeper read, and that’s what we will be working to give you each month.

You asked for a look that reflects your spirit: sophisticated, modern and substantial. As a result, we’ve elevated the design to enhance the storytelling you’ll experience on each page.

You love the regular sections we run every month; we’ve added a few more. Each month, you will get to read a Taste Test review, a column about great local shopping finds and a story that showcases a day in the life of one local reader with a unique job.

We’ve even curated some brief news bites to keep you in the know month to month, with even more planned online once our new site launches in the next few weeks. And we’ve doubled the features in each issue to give each of you a greater variety.

You love the snapshot photos we feature from local events. It’s great to see and be seen! So starting this issue, you’ll find a great new look for the Out & About section, with additional photos and descriptions of each event—a true glimpse of what the events were like.

We know you like to be social. And we want to interact with you more through social media. You can find and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram—just search for About Stark and like, comment, favorite, retweet, pin and send us photos, and you might be featured in our Chatter section in upcoming issues.

And with all of the great changes we’ve made to About, we’ve also lowered the price to $2.95 an issue.

I’d like to thank you for reading—from cover to cover—and hope that you find inspiration in About’s ideas about life and how to live it here in Stark County.

Until next month,

Kelsey Reinhart