Letter from the Editor: July 2019

Time to get healthy and stay healthy

It’s the health issue, and you know what that means? Along with talking about, writing and editing a bunch of stories about health, I also stopped to think about health—my health, specifically, and I didn’t like what I saw.

I realized that my diet was pretty much garbage and my fitness regimen was nonexistent. I realized I was stressing out my brain to the max, and that needed to stop. I don’t think a healthy lifestyle includes Chinese takeout so often they know you by name when you come to pick up your order, and it definitely doesn’t include the all-too-often Netflix question: Are you still watching? Yes, I’m still watching. “I’m trying to de-stress.” But I should really get off my lazy butt and move my body. Not every day can be spent on the couch zoning out.

So, I decided to take a vacation from work. It was more of a health staycation. I still may have spent some time watching TV on the couch—but what’s a staycation without a mental break from all the stress that goes along with being an adult?

I also started a good habit while on my days off. I went for a walk each day and noticed that I always felt better after the walk than I did before. I walked farther each day and really tried to take in the nature around me.

I spent some time in the great outdoors and did a tiny bit of yard work. I read a book cover to cover in two days—not an easy feat in my distraction-filled life. I gave up coffee—yet again, and I got proper sleep, finally. I even helped my furry friend, Max the cat, get on the health trend. Most mornings on my days off, I played with him and his wand to get him to jump and run around.

As for my diet, it’s never easy for me to eat healthy when I’m not on a strict schedule. But I did manage to swap out pizza for salad a couple days. And I switched to water instead of coffee. We all have to start somewhere, right?

After a week off, plenty of sleep, some salads, lots of extra miles on my legs and basically zero stress, I feel completely refreshed. Now to keep the habits going!

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Until next month,
Kelsey Davis, editor