Letter from the Editor: April 2019

Kids are always paying attention

My niece Junia celebrated her sixth birthday in January. Instead of gifting her another toy, I decided to take her on a trip to Glazed & Amused Paint Your Own Pottery in February. I told her that after she painted pottery, we would go out for a special treat. Although it was cold, she chose ice cream, so Pav’s Creamery it was.

When she showed up for her special birthday celebration day, she was all decked out. She had her hair in curls, she was donning a skirt, a fancy cat ring and choker necklace, and she even asked her mom to put on some makeup (in this case, a little bit of lip gloss, blush and eye shadow—her mother is a cosmetologist). 

I was surprised by her fancy attire, so I asked her why she was so dressed up. She just smiled real big, and my sister told me that Junia said she wanted to look like me. My heart melted in that moment.

But something else happened too. I realized just how much little ones pick up on and how much they look up to family members. 

I admit, I’m not the best aunt. I hide behind my “busy” schedule, and sadly, I’ve only made it to one—or maybe a few—T-ball games. Now, she’s onto basketball, and I haven’t been in the stands to cheer her on. But still, she looks up to me.

It’s time for me to start setting a better example. It’s time for all of us to start setting better examples for the sake of the kids.

Let’s put down the phone and pick up a basketball. Let’s stop being busy and make time for the little ones. They’re always watching. They’re always learning. They pick up on more than we realize. And they want to be like us. Why not give them something good to aspire to? 

The ladies featured in this month’s cover story are definitely setting good examples for little ones everywhere. They’re business owners, and they’re rocking it. Check them out starting on Page 35.

Until next month,

Kelsey Davis, editor

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