Letter from the Editor: What’s your secret | June 2013

Secrets? I’ve got a few. As the editor of this magazine, you might imagine that I would be privvy to hearing some of the county’s juiciest secrets. But those are the ones that I can’t print on these pages.

Secrets? I’ve got a few. As the editor of this magazine, you might imagine that I would be privvy to hearing some of the county’s juiciest secrets. But those are the ones that I can’t print on these pages.

I often joke that we should start another magazine here just for those secrets. My working title: “The Real Housewives of Stark County.”

You’re right, I better stick with About.

In this issue, we decided to look for some little-known tidbits, history and legends about Stark County. There are so many things we don’t know about the community we live in.

I’ve found it quite fascinating to hear about some of the history — and legends — we dug up for this issue.

We talked with local developer Steve Coon about some of his projects in downtown Canton right now. He’s passionate about Canton and preserving its history — and is excited to get people talking about it.

“When you tend to do nothing, nothing tends to happen,” Coon said.

Did you know that Stark County is haunted? Or that Thomas Edison had many ties to Canton? Or that a huge brick basement looms
under the McKinley monument?

Oh, and don’t worry, my lips are sealed on those other secrets I mentioned …

About Your Home

Must be nice to live with a professional interior designer. New Malone University President David King and his wife, Winnie, recently allowed us to tour their inviting Monticello Estates home in Plain Township.

They’ve certainly settled in quickly. The Kings have only lived in the home a short time but it already feels so warm and inviting.

Winnie just so happens to own a design firm, which remains in their former hometown in eastern Pennsylvania.

As we toured the home, Winnie offered several tips and insight into how to create welcoming spaces.

Enjoy the tour.

Darla A. Brown



There are so many reasons why I love About magazine: Snapshot, In My Own Words, and all the beautiful pictures. It is awesome to have a magazine that shows how much this county has to offer and that demonstrates the pride this community has in itself. About magazine is an absolute winner!
-Claudette Hankins


Thank you so much for naming our Fish Tacos as a Stark County MUST-EATS! Getting the word out about a new restaurant concept like TD’s Tailgate Grill can be a challenge in an area that has so many established dining choices. We have worked very hard to differentiate ourselves in the “sports bar” category and this recognition from your magazine will go a long way in helping with this effort. Since the article was published, we have had several of your readers come in to see us for the first time and have told us they read about us in your publication. Keep up the great work!
-Kim & Scott Shapiro, TD’s Tailgate Grill


I wanted to congratulate you and your team on 5 years of About Magazine! What a wonderful accomplishment and it must be so rewarding to see the success of all your team members: from your Advisory Board and talented writers, to the excellent photographers and contributors to the publication! We look forward to each and every issue.
-Tonya Wright


The May issue just arrived today. A treat for the eyes. It’s just chock full of photos, variety, information and interest! I can’t wait for the first dry day to settle in on the deck and read it carefully. First impressions are sensational. The Father-Daughter Dance (event photos) tugged at my heart-strings with family values (and the memories of dancing to Glenn Miller 78’s in the living room, standing on my Dad’s feet). The quotes are, as always, appropriate and worth some thought. Thanks for another wonderful issue—a perfect showcase for our homeplace.
-Margy Vogt

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