We can learn a lot from our children. Mine are ages 4, 6 and 8, near the stage when asking them to share a toy usually results in crying and stomping feet.

But there are moments when you realize they are soaking in more than you know — and that maybe the adults are the ones who need to pay more attention.

My oldest child, Alex, made a special container a few years ago to save his change to donate to an Akron Children’s Hospital fundraiser. It started out as a school project and has continued as a family project.

He searches and scrapes for any loose change or dollars he can find — or beg from family members — to add to his container, an old coffee can now adorned with peeling construction paper, pictures and drawings.

As the collection time came to a close that first year, he asked me if he could give not only the money he had collected, but also all of the money he’d been saving for years in several other piggy banks.

At 6 years old, my son told me “the children” needed it more than he did. My first instinct was to tell him he didn’t need to give away everything he had.

At that moment he didn’t think about how many Legos he could have bought with that money — a lot — only that someone else’s need was greater than his. Why wouldn’t he give it to them?

It’s true, we can learn a lot from our children. About asked six local nonprofit organizations to give us their “wish list” this holiday season — five things that could make an immediate impact on the people they serve. We asked them to choose items that can easily be found and donated to their organizations, little things that could amount to a big difference.

I urge you to look at these wish list items and see if there’s something extra that you can give from your piggy banks. Someone else may need it more than you.

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