Letter from the Editor: September 2017

Since the debut of Local Faves in 2014, we always have showcased your favorite picks. This time around, we switched things up a bit. 

Since the debut of Local Faves 10 years ago, we always have showcased your favorite picks. This time around, we switched things up a bit. 

This year’s Local Faves feature our picks, as well as your picks. We wanted to show off what we love, and we know you’ll love them once you try them too!

When our staff met to decide our Local Faves, I was so excited to hear all of the ideas—and even more excited to sample some of our team’s favorite foods. I couldn’t put my stamp of approval on something without trying it first and making sure it was worthy of being labeled a Local Fave.

Needless to say, one afternoon our office was overflowing with goodies from all over Stark County, and I couldn’t control myself. After eating a whole Devil Dog (see the cover for more info) in record time, I had a slice of pie from my favorite pizza shop—SOL Pie Pizza.

Later that afternoon, the smell of maple wafting from the Good Mornin’ cupcakes from Main Street Deli tempted me a little too much, and I broke down and had one.

By the end of the day, I thought my arteries were clogging, but it was so worth it. I enjoyed every bite! And I even took some home to enjoy more.

I’ll admit, even though I’m the editor, not all of my Local Faves made the cut. In recent months, I’ve upped my running game and I’ve been scouting out trails and parks to run at. My favorites? Hoover Trail and Diamond Park. Hoover Trail starts in Washington Square and heads back through a picturesque wooded area, and Diamond Park has a blacktop running trail that measures about a mile and is nice and flat for easy runs.

I also have been trying my hand at rehabbing furniture. My go-to shops for cheap, old furniture? Goodwill in North Canton and Hartville. Both have a nice selection and great prices, and they both often have goods from Target for a fraction of the price. Score!

This list wouldn’t be complete without my fave spots to fuel up on caffeine. You can never go wrong with Carpe Diem Coffee Shop. I know it made our list of Local Faves, but there’s no mention of the Chunky Monkey. It’s so good it deserves its own recognition! And if I’m in the mood for chai, Muggswigz Coffee & Tea Co. is my go-to.

I could keep listing my faves of the moment, but I’ll let you read on for our picks.

Until next month,

Kelsey Reinhart, editor

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