Letter from the Editor: Pictures tell the story | July 2013

Nothing tells a story like a great photo. We rely on photos to tell much of Stark County’s story throughout each issue of About. So much can be gathered in just one well-captured moment.

Nothing tells a story like a great photo. We rely on photos to tell much of Stark County’s story throughout each issue of About. So much can be gathered in just one well-captured moment.

So this month, we decided to ask readers to share their favorite photos from throughout the county. It amounted to dozens of intriguing photos that, when put together, paint a unique and thought-provoking picture of our community.

There’s something to all of those frozen moments in time that inspire and tell about the life in our community.

If you talk to a serious photographer, they will tell you they “make” photos rather than “take” them. They certainly would never “snap” or “click” them.

And we run into all kinds of problems when we tell people we are going out to “shoot” someone. The difference is in the creative process that goes behind creating meaningful images.

Either way, I hope you’ll take a moment to soak in what they say. The photos speak for themselves.

Darla A. Brown



I can’t believe About magazine is celebrating five years! I have enjoyed each and every issue, especially the gallery of photos and the unique photo near the back. You talented folks give a “new and colorful” perspective to our area. Many thanks!
-Joyce Yut, McKinley Presidential Library & Museum


I just wanted to congratulate you on the 5 year anniversary of About magazine. You have certainly created a publication that everyone looks forward to each month, and is the topic of much conversation in the workplace. More importantly, it provides so much information about Stark County and reminds everyone how wonderful a place Stark County is to live. Finally, I love the way that you’ve engaged young professionals in the community and given them not only the opportunity to succeed, but a chance to call them out to provide their own level of leadership to make this a
better community.
-Frank Forchione, Judge, Court of Common Pleas


About magazine energizes me when I see the candid photos and read the great articles featuring people, businesses and places in our own backyard. Our community members are gracious, warm and welcoming. About magazine is a personal invitation to all of us to get out, about and involved.
-Elizabeth Ramsburg, United Way


About magazine is awesome. From Darla’s continued request for input from our community for each issue via social media outlets, to the wide-range of topics; to the awesome photos, this magazine has something for everyone! Can’t wait for the new issues to arrive in our mail!
-Vicky Sterling, Pinnacle Press


What makes a community great is not just the bricks and mortar, it is about the stories and the characters that personify a place and bring it to life. That is why About magazine is so successful. It tells the story behind the business, venue or event. I love flipping through the pages and seeing the smiling faces of each month’s feature and learning about the people that make Canton and Stark County a great place to live, work and play. After all, isn’t that what life is all ABOUT?
-Allyson Bussey, Canton Stark County Convention and Visitors’ Bureau

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