Beer, beer and more beer

The first time I had a sip of beer, I wondered why people would subject themselves to such torture. I thought it tasted gross.

With the passage of time and plenty more taste-tests of different beers—higher quality beers—I realized that there’s a reason it’s so popular. Some breweries just know what they’re doing.

And it doesn’t hurt to sip the freshest beer right at the brewery. While visiting Denver, last year, I made a stop in Golden to tour MillerCoors brewery. Drinking beer that fresh is pretty awesome. It tasted so light and refreshing.

Now, I want all beer to taste that fresh. Luckily for me, Stark County is hopping with craft breweries.

When I was at Maize Valley Winery and Craft Brewery with Julie Botos and Jessica Holbrook for the cover story and photo shoot, I was tempted to take a sip of beer. I mean, there were freshly poured glasses everywhere and I was witnessing the brewing process!

But I resisted the urge—because I don’t think my boss, a beer lover herself, would have approved of me smelling like booze at work in the middle of a Thursday. That’s usually frowned upon.

I guess I’ll just have to make my way through her 30-Day Guide to Beer. You can, too! And make sure to read Jessica’s story on Maize Valley’s brewing process.

I have quite the job ahead of me if I want to try all the beers featured in this issue. Especially since I’ve only tasted a couple. I can say from my local beer tastings that Canton Brewing Co.’s Carpe Noctem Coffee Porter holds the No. 1 spot on my list. We shall see if it stands after this issue.

Enough beer talk. On to the special mini mag inside featuring this year’s Brave & Beautiful women, five ladies at various stages in their breast cancer journey.

After spending a beautiful sunny August day with these women, I can say they’re a strong group of women. They all had this joy for life that only someone who has fought for just that can know and exude. Meet Valerie Burk, Sarah Butler, Renee Salter, Gayle Smith and Allison Thompson and read their powerful stories after Page 50.

Until next month,
Kelsey Reinhart, editor

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