In the past five years, I’ve noticed a big change in my metabolism. I went from working out every day and being able to eat whatever I wanted in high school to running once every three months and noticing I couldn’t eat whatever without putting on some pounds in college. After college, I’ve learned that a proper diet and exercise are crucial for my health (and happiness).

By no means am I saying that I’m a health nut. But I have been more conscious to check nutrition labels and choose fruits instead of junk food.

This month, we’re getting you started with choosing nutritious foods over unhealthy snacks in the “Eat This, Not That. Do This, Not That” feature. If you’re anything like me, you might be surprised at which options are the healthiest.

Also, make sure to read “Health and Fitness Myths Debunked.” You might be shocked to find out the misinformation you may have been receiving about health and fitness. I know I was! Who knew cardio might not be the best exercise answer for weight loss?

By now, you probably are thinking that I lied when I said that I’m not a health nut. Maybe I’m more into health and fitness than I realized. To me, it’s just so interesting to know what easy changes I can make for a healthier lifestyle.

Bottom line?

Being health conscious is important at an age.

Although I could write forever about health and fitness, those are not the only features in this issue. The cover story is on exclusive homes. Check out these extravagant dwellings. Can you say beautiful? I just love to see the way people decorate.

Speaking of homes, I recently moved into a new place. While my apartment is nowhere near as exclusive as the homes in this issue, it’s absolutely beautiful to me. I hope you enjoy the insider’s look at these homes as much as I did.

Kelsey Reinhart

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Kelsey Reinhart is the editor of About magazine. When she's not working, she's usually reading, running, knitting or spending time in the great outdoors.

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