Letter from the Editor: May 2014

Not only is this issue the “get out” issue, it also covers mini vacations with fun-filled days here in Stark County and surrounding areas, and it highlights tips on how to take the trip of your dreams without paying full price for it. Sign me up!

Although I spend much of my time creating—whether it’s designing, illustrating, photographing—I don’t see myself as an artist. When I think of an artist, I picture someone sitting in front of an easel with a paintbrush in hand just painting away or a sculptor in a studio building the next best sculpture. After working on this issue, I’m starting to realize that there’s more to art than just fine art. Maybe I am an artist too!

When discussing the cover story for this issue, I was a little hesitant about featuring artists. I pictured it being five profiles on fine artists. In my mind, they all would seem the same. I imagined the artists would have some differences in the tools and techniques used, but I thought the profiles all would be of painters or sculptors.

Much to my surprise, our editorial team went in a different direction. Suggestions for other types of artists came about—dancers, illustrators, graphic designers, musicians, art administrators. I was ecstatic! Not only would these features be creative, they would be unique. With only five profiles to be featured this month, we chose a muralist, an arts teacher, a jazz dancer, a musician/fine artist and a violinist.

If you love art yourself, you will love Dan Kane’s splurge column this month. Featuring Plant Et Art, Cook’s Art Supply & Framing and the Exchange, you will find plenty of art supplies, music, movies and memorabilia.

Before reading the rest of this issue, I’ll leave you with a quote that is a favorite of mine. “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” -Maya Angelou

Until next month,

Kelsey Reinhart

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