Putting together the March issue is always one of my favorites. We start working on it in January, you know, when the ground is covered in snow—or puddles of rain, as it was this year. Since the weather is dreary, it’s so much fun to look forward to the fashions that will be popping up in the coming warmer months.

In the middle of January, our editorial team stopped at five local shops and borrowed spring styles to photograph. We upped the ante this year and got ourselves a model.

The week of the scheduled photo shoot was calling for rain EVERY DAY. Even the day before, the precipitation percentage was at 100. Cue the panic attack! I awoke the day of the shoot in a sweat. It was raining—not buckets, but it was in that realm. I huddled under my umbrella and rushed into the office, planning to visit for the hundredth time that week.

To my surprise, the percentage went down to 24 during our scheduled shoot time. The panic started to lift.

Our model arrived and tried on every outfit, as we decided which ones she would model.

The photographer, Murphy Redmond, and I had scouted out the shoot location the day before and knew roughly where each style would look best.

The rain had lifted about two hours before our shoot, so we were good to go.

We headed to the McKinley Monument and helped our model prep for the first look. We started at the base of the
monument, scaled the stairs and then made our way to Stadium Park. Four and a half hours and six outfits later, the shoot was a wrap.

The rain held off, our model was a champ, and the wind wasn’t strong enough to take down our lighting or disrupt the clothing too much. I’d say it was a complete success! Take a look for yourself.


Another reason this issue is dear to my heart is because it’s the annual Feast Awards issue. This year, we took things in a different direction. Instead of featuring multiple categories, we stuck to just one: Burgers!

I like burgers as much as the next person, but I wasn’t hooked until Jess Bennett took me to George’s Lounge in downtown Canton a couple of years ago for lunch. I took one bite of the Big Onesto and knew my burger habits would never be the same.

So I was very excited when Jess suggested making the focus on burgers this year. Instead of just choosing our favorites, we chose to let local restaurants in on the fun. Complete with detailed entry forms and a blind judging, this Feast Awards issue might be my new favorite.

See which mouthwatering burger won the Burger Wars, and make sure to try all of them. You won’t be disappointed.

Until next month,
Kelsey Reinhart, editor

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