Resolve to be a better you

With the start of each new year, we make resolutions. We say that this year will be the year that we stick to our plans.

But what are we resolving to do? Is it another lousy attempt at getting fit and healthy? Is it a half-hearted approach at learning a new skill?

While those resolutions can be very successful, many times they are not. We need to be realistic when setting goals for the year. If you have a lofty goal and you’re a determined person, go for it. But if you know that you’re the type of person to give up halfway through a big change, then maybe it’s time to think on a smaller scale.

We all could stand to be better versions of ourselves. If that means taking out the trash, then do it. If it means holding the door for someone at the store, then do it. If it means helping your elderly neighbor, then do it. There’s too much hate in the world, especially after what an atrocious year last year was.

I think collectively, we need to resolve to be nicer people this year. We don’t have to make grand gestures. We need to remember the small things.

Being nice goes a long way. Why be rude to the clerk in the checkout line? Why put others down when instead we could lift them up? Why don’t we treat others the way we would like to be treated?

Chances are that being nice to others will make you feel better, as well. And wouldn’t we all like to be happier? I know I would. That’s my resolution this year: To be a nicer, better version of myself.

Someone who needs no reminder to be a better version of himself is our Person of the Year, LaMar Sharpe. He has gone above and beyond and founded the Be a Better Me Foundation that helps empower and encourage youth to see the good in themselves and others.

We all should look to his community contributions as inspiration. Read more about Sharpe and his foundation. And remember, it’s never too late to be a better person.

Until next month,
Kelsey Reinhart, editor

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Kelsey Reinhart

Kelsey Reinhart is the editor of About magazine. When she's not working, she's usually reading, running, knitting or spending time in the great outdoors.

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