When choosing the Most Influential People, I started thinking of all of the people who have influenced me personally. Some people have left such a big impact on my life. Of course, my family and friends have influenced me, but throughout my years of school and sports, several teachers, professors and coaches also have left an impact on me.

One coach in particular comes to mind. In high school, I ran cross country and track. My senior year, we long distance runners had a new coach. This coach pushed me past my limits (or what I thought were my limits).

At first, I couldn’t handle it. I would complain that I was in pain or that I didn’t feel good just to get out of the gruelingly difficult workouts.

One rather hot day, the coach was explaining an intense workout, and I started mumbling to myself about how much I didn’t want to do the workout. The coach pulled me aside and gave me some tough love. He explained that I had a lot of potential, and I needed to shake the negative thoughts.

It might seem like a small event, but for me, it left a big impact. I realized that it was mind over matter. Had it not been for that coach, I probably would have taken it easy that practice—and every practice after that. But his tough love influenced the way I thought about my abilities.

Although my coach didn’t make the list in About, he still was a big influence in my life. In this issue, you’ll read all about Stark County’s Most Influential People. Sometimes it takes just one person to influence many people.

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Kelsey Reinhart

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Kelsey Reinhart is the editor of About magazine. When she's not working, she's usually reading, running, knitting or spending time in the great outdoors.

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