Letter from the Editor: I’m not a matchmaker, but… | February 2010

I don’t think there’s been a more highly anticipated issue of About magazine: Stark County’s most eligible singles. Curiosity has been high.

I don’t think there’s been a more highly anticipated issue of About magazine: Stark County’s most eligible singles. Curiosity has been high.

A gasp came over a crowd I was speaking to recently when I mentioned this month’s cover story. There’s something sexy about the unattached — even to the happily attached.

I suspect Stark County water coolers will be abuzz about this one. And we certainly found some fantastic Stark County singles to highlight. They were humbled and excited — and were incredibly good sports about being featured. I can imagine it’s hard to put yourself out there to be interviewed and photographed and leave it to the hands of magazine editors to present you to the world as a “most eligible single.”

The stories are intended as light-hearted glimpses into the personalities of each of the 11 singles we chose. All of them answered a list of the same questions, and we chose their best answers for publication.

In the end, this feature on Stark County’s singles gets to the heart of our mission at About magazine — not to provide a dating service, of course, but to spotlight great local people. The people we selected for this feature not only are beautiful and educated and have great careers; but also are caring and well-connected to our community.

Now, about our eligible singles. I’m a magazine editor, not a matchmaker, but I suppose I can help. If you wish to contact any of them, e-mail me (darla.brown@cantonrep.com) and I will forward your message.

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Darla A. Brown

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