I remember the moment when I first accepted the position of About magazine editor six years ago. My boss gave me the job description, which I had taken home to review and consider. Thrilled, I walked into his office the next day and eagerly accepted the position.

Who would turn down the chance to help develop and produce a monthly lifestyle magazine in the same community that you grew up in? It was to be filled with features and focus on all of the positive aspects of Stark County — yep, it was the perfect job for me.

There was just one thing. The last line of my job duties said, “Make public appearances/represent the publication in the community.”

You have to understand, prior to this I worked very much behind the scenes in a designer/copy editor role for the newspaper. Public appearances? That wasn’t for me.

I asked my boss about it and he dismissed it, noting that he added that line to the job description “just in case this thing explodes into something bigger.”

Just a few months later I was recognized in the grocery store as being the editor of About, as someone clammored to give me a story idea. People wanted to know how to get it — and how to get in it. And to top it all off, readers started following me at events to try to get their photo in the magazine.

Boom. Did anyone hear that explosion?

It certainly has been quite a ride for the last nearly six years. About has been very well-received in our community in that time, shining a well-deserved spotlight on all of the good in Stark County.

As it turned out, I’ve loved every part of representing About magazine — even if it pulled me out of my comfortable introverted life. OK, except maybe for having to take a new photo for this page nearly every issue. That still wasn’t my favorite.

I’ll surely miss About — and all of you — as I have stepped down in order to pursue another opportunity (but don’t worry, I’m staying in Stark County). I’ve loved telling your stories — and showcasing all of the best things about our community. I’m thankful to the team of people who helped create, produce and support this magazine each month. I’m proud of the product we’ve produced and humbled to have been part of the team. I’ve learned and grown so much in my time here, and truly appreciate the amazing opportunity I was given to lead this publication. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing, and wish About continued success for years to come.

About Your Home

What comes to mind when you think about living in downtown Canton?

A push for quality living spaces in the city over the last several years has sparked a good deal of interest in living downtown. Intriguing spaces, decent rent and proximity to the bustling arts scene make downtown apartments coveted. A few new developments already have waiting lists.

In this issue of About Your Home, we asked a few downtown dwellers to show us around their places and tell us why they chose to live there. Their spaces may surprise you. Downtown living quickly seems to have risen a few notches on the cool factor. See what you think.

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