It’s the month to celebrate love. With Valentine’s Day upon us, everyone is seeing hearts. For those in a relationship, this month is absolutely wonderful. With chocolate, flowers, jewelry, fancy dinners and lovely dates, it’s the perfect time to be coupled up. For those who are single this holiday, take the time to pamper yourself. You’re worth it.

As for me, I think it’s a made-up holiday. That’s why I don’t expect much, if anything. In my opinion, people—let’s be honest, mostly women—seem to get their hopes up with high expectations, and when “Mr. Right” doesn’t get enough red roses or the perfect piece of jewelry, these ladies get upset. It’s a pressure holiday when it should be just about showing someone you care.

I’ve had plenty of doozies in the Valentine’s Day archives. I used to have pretty high expectations for the Hallmark holiday. I would wish and wish that I would be the girl who got the most flowers at school. And I anticipated getting a bunch of “singing Valentines” or a box of chocolates in my locker at school. In college, I hoped to be the girl who got the big red balloons that were sold on campus. And who wouldn’t want the cheesy Valentine’s Day proposal? I wanted it all. Looking back, I was disappointed more than not when my boyfriend at the time showed up with a measly candy bar or a card. That’s what led me to my current feelings about Valentine’s Day. I stopped expecting so much and took the day for what it was. It was just a day to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them. (But a date doesn’t hurt!)

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