It’s a split decision on my black cat, who thinks I can’t see her. Is she good luck or bad luck? Great Britain, Scotland and Japan view black cats as a sign of good luck or prosperity. In parts of Europe and Western cultures, we associate them with witches and bad luck. Germans and pirates are split between good and bad luck, depending on how the black cat moves in relation to a person. All I can confirm is that it is a bad omen if my cat’s auto feeder is not full at 5:30 a.m.

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Bob Rossiter grew up in downtown Canton just blocks from the Palace Theatre and has spent his life in Stark County, 43 years of it as a staff photographer for The Repository. He has photographed every president from Gerald Ford to Barack Obama, every sport from Little League to the Super Bowl and World Series. Outside the office, his photography continues with weddings, travel and his two grandchildren.

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