Hometown Nostalgia

Feeling a bit nostalgic, this month About asked readers on Facebook for their best answers to the question: 

“You know you’re from Stark when …”

Reader Answers

When you introduce yourself to strangers out of town that you are from Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame to give them the importance of your city!”

Lori Duckworth Lewitzke

Because there is always a shadow of a football over you.”

Harold Brown

You get tingles when August approaches (HOF week), even if you don’t live in Canton anymore.”

Carrie Linerode

Bulldogs vs. Tigers football game.”

Rebecca Morgan

You miss Hall of Fame festivities when you’re away.”

Monica Goodfellow

‘The Game’ means Canton/Massillon.”

Matthew Caster

You get totally excited when football season is here!”

Pamela Artzner Haren

You watch McKinley play football on Friday, Ohio State on Saturday and the Browns on Sunday.”

Penny Linger Hare

You have run up and down the steps at the McKinley Monument. For fun.”

Melissa Voros Pitinii

You suffer from wanderlust but there’s nowhere else you’d rather live.”

Elizabeth Puterbaugh Degenhard

You can correctly pronounce Tuscarawas (but always call it Tusc).”

Andrew Rihn

You pronounce ‘Canton’ with a soft ‘t.’ ”

Jason Novakl

You use the McKinley Monument steps for a routine workout.”

Monica Goodfellow

You both recognize and salivate at the words ‘jo-jo potato.’ “

Elaine Russell Reolfi

You hear the word Pizza Oven and you know someone is not talking about their pizza oven but THE Pizza Oven.”

Pam Oster

You know what Woody’s is.”

Pam Lehigh Wright

You crave Heggy’s peanut clusters.”

Matthew Caster

You always make time for a Bittner when you’re visiting home, and you warn your friends about how friendly everyone is!”

Jennifer March-Wackers