Favorite park in Stark County or funniest vacation story | Contributor Q&A

It isn’t difficult for me to choose a favorite park from among Stark County Park District’s growing array of outdoor areas. Sippo Lake Park is home to me, or at least on the way to my house.

Gary Brown
Sippo Lake Park …
It isn’t difficult for me to choose a favorite park from among Stark County Park District’s growing array of outdoor areas.

Sippo Lake Park is home to me, or at least on the way to my house.

It’s nice to have scenic trails, beautiful water, an educational museum and a well-stocked library in the neighborhood. I can go there to exercise my mind by reading at the Perry branch of Stark County District Library or looking at exhibits at Stark Parks’ nature and culture center. Then I can exercise my body on an interesting network of trails.

On days that I’m less energetic, I can stand on the dock near Exploration Gateway and see the sun glistening off the surface of Sippo Lake, or I can drive around the suburban block—it’s a relatively short walk away by trail, as well—to watch the fishermen on the pier at Sippo Lake Marina. On days when life seems to be hectic, this park is an oasis of tranquility.

Alison Matas
Vacation in Florida …
My best friend and I took a trip to Estero Island, Florida, last year over Labor Day weekend and were completely oblivious to the fact that Hurricane Irma was heading in our direction. We just were enjoying the empty beach and wondering why it wasn’t more crowded for the holiday. It wasn’t until one of our last nights there when the local news came on (after a show we were watching ended) that we learned Florida was under a state of emergency. Luckily, our flight out was a few hours before the mandatory evacuations began. It wasn’t super funny at the time, but we laugh now about our total cluelessness.

Dan Kane
Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve …
I always enjoy visiting the Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve because it is quiet and wooded and a relaxing place to wander and chat with a friend, and yes, enjoy nature. There are shady paths through the woods, and then a brighter boardwalk through the actual bog. There’s lots of greenery and wildlife, and generally few other people. Mosquito repellent is recommended in the summer. It’s located at 7984 Fulton Drive NW in Jackson Township near Jackson High School.

Rich Desrosiers
Vacation woes …
There was little humor to be found at the time, but our infamous family Washington, D.C., trip has become funny after years of retelling, especially the part where three young kids bounce up and down on leather seats in a rental car and ask in three-part harmony: “Can we get one of these for our next car?”

About two hours before the stress hit the fan, somewhere in the middle of my morning toothbrushing, came a knock on the motel room door.

My wife answered.

“Where’s Rich?” my brother-in-law asked. “Right here,” she replied.

“Did he move your car?”

Thus began one of the darker days in Desrosiers vacation history.

I had not moved the car. Someone else had removed the car—from its parking spot in the state of Maryland.

Long story short, we got the car back—about two weeks later. The cigarette burns on the inside of the driver’s door served as a constant reminder of our experience. Along with random clothes and toys the thieves left in the trunk. Their rightful owners? Who knows. We donated the clothes to Goodwill. We kept, and used, a kiddie basketball for years.

We also kept the car for many more years, even though the door that had been pried open never closed quite right again. Sorry, kids; no upgrade for us.

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