Favorite memory of About from the past 10 years? | Contributor Q&A

I’ve gotten to eat and cook a lot of delicious food in my three years as an About contributor, but my most memorable assignment had nothing to do with eating. It was taking an aerial yoga class at Barre Fly in Jackson Township.

Alison Matas
Aerial Yoga Class …
I’ve gotten to eat and cook a lot of delicious food in my three years as an About contributor, but my most memorable assignment had nothing to do with eating. It was taking an aerial yoga class at Barre Fly in Jackson Township. I spent an hour hanging upside down in a parachute and hoping my ankles were strong enough to support all the tougher-than-expected poses I was asked to try. Admittedly, I have not gone back, but I do remember it being relaxing. I’m still getting emails from the yoga studio, however, so maybe I’ll feel inspired to try again.

Dan Kane
Oktoberfest + Burger Wars …
I really enjoyed the October 2017 Oktoberfest craft beer issue. It’s a topic that I’m personally very interested in, and the issue contained about 20 pages about Stark County breweries—a very timely topic—and other craft beer information. I thought it was ambitious and very thorough.

I also really enjoyed the March 2017 Burger Wars issue. I thought it was great having 20 local restaurants to submit inventive burgers for judging, the photography was mouthwatering, plus I had a fun time judging it.

Kelli Weir
Downtowns …
Among my favorite stories that I’ve written for About are the downtown profiles that appeared in About’s November 2015 issue. The feature gave me the opportunity to explore North Canton, where my husband and I had purchased a home the month before, and to learn more about Minerva, a cozy, historical village where I always stumble upon a unique shop or restaurant whenever I visit.

I still have the magazine and will use it as a guide when I’m looking to explore a different downtown in Stark County.

Gary Brown
Brave & beautiful …
Courage. Confidence. Class.

Those are just three of the many admirable qualities I was able to discern by writing and reading about a select group of women—all cancer survivors—who were highlighted by About in its annual Brave & Beautiful features.

These women have been examples because of their strength. Their stories were inspiring. Their calmness in the face of personal crisis was an attitude worthy of our respect. These women no doubt earned both from anyone involved in helping them retell their stories to About’s readers. Being able to play a small part in recalling their battle against a disease that has touched so many of our lives certainly has evoked my enduring admiration for the manner in which they fight for survival.

Jessica Holbrook
Maize Valley Brewery …
One of my favorite things about being a reporter is being invited behind the scenes. I love to be in the room where it happens. Last August, About gave me the chance to spend the day at Maize Valley Brewery watching one of my favorite things, local craft beer, come to life. It was great to watch brewmaster Jake Turner work his magic, ask tons of questions about the process and witness photographer Julie Botos grab the perfect shots. Now that I know how much science, skill and artistry go into making craft beer, I appreciate it even more. Plus, the beer we sampled was pretty excellent.

Rich Desrosiers
Burger Wars + Pizza Wars …
My favorite issues over the past 10 years have been those that feature the Burger Wars and Pizza Wars.


I’m not an experimental eater, so getting the opportunity to try some unusual (even crazy!) combinations or new ingredients over the past couple of years has been both enlightening for my palate and good for relaxing my stuffy nature when it comes to trying new things.

I still believe a good burger and a good slice of pizza don’t need a lot of frills, but it has been fun and rewarding to see how local chefs and businesses put their twist on our old favorites.

Charita Goshay
Artists …
About’s cover story on artists was a favorite of mine because it pulled back the curtain on the processes by which artists create their work. It also did a nice job of showing the vibrancy and diversity of Stark County’s arts community, which has become an unmistakable asset for its residents.

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