The Wm. McKinley Presidential Library & Museum is racing to meet a fundraising deadline in order to acquire quite the stunner—Ida Saxton McKinley’s diamond-accented tiara.

Previous owners of the headpiece—appraised at $75,000—sold it to Las Vegas Gold & Silver Pawn of “Pawn Stars” fame earlier this year.

After museum curator Kim Kenney sent a heartfelt inquiry to owner Rick Harrison, he offered to sell it to the museum for $43,000, the amount he acquired it for.

But only if the purchase happens by June 24.

With no acquisition budget, the museum is seeking community support in the form of donations to bring the tiara home.

Visit to make an online donation or purchase tickets for upcoming fundraising events, and for more details on the tiara.

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  1. Beth Odell

    I think this effort is misguided. $43k is a lot of money and could be better spent on projects that further understanding of and appreciation for the history of Stark County and/or the legacy of William McKinley. Acquiring this tiara will accomplish neither of these things. Another major issue for me is – why the need to ‘purchase’ this tiara at all? The museum knew about the tiara for years – borrowed it in fact. The smart thing to do would have been to negotiate for its donation long ago. But now that it is Pawn Stars “famous” – the museum makes it a top priority to bring it “home to Canton” with our money. I also wonder why is there never any mention in the media about what the museum plans to do with the funds collected if they fail to meet the goal. The whole thing just does not seem right to me at all.


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