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Q&A with a sleep doctor

“If you’ve never had a good night’s sleep, you don’t know what you’re missing,” said Dr. Albert Kim, facility director of the Mercy Sleep Center at Mercy Medical Center.

Do you believe the myths?

Many of us really don’t know how to sleep. We think we do. We hear things from friends about how to get a good night’s sleep. Or, we take tips from online sources.

Sleep mistakes you’re probably making

Alan Rudick, DO, a pulmonologist at Cleveland Clinic’s Respiratory Institute in Green said that not everybody is getting their sleep wisely. Dr. Rudick identified 10 common mistakes people make when trying to doze off.

What does it take to get a good night’s sleep?

Every night, millions of Americans toss and turn in a futile quest to get a good night’s sleep. Statistics show that as many as 60 million of us fail to get the full eight hours health experts recommend, due to stress, diet, our sedentary lifestyles and perhaps the two biggest culprits: TV and social media.

Arts & Entertainment

Books of my life | Ryan Humbert

North Canton resident Ryan Humbert is an award-winning singer-songwriter and lead singer of the traditional honky tonk band Shooter Sharp & The Shootouts, which recently recorded its national debut album to be released this fall. He also hosts Shooter Sharp’s Americana Roundup every Sunday morning on The Summit WAPS-FM.

Food & Dining

Test Kitchen: Pineapple barbecue chicken

When it’s summertime, I like my meals to be a little tropical. I know you might not want to turn on your oven in July, but I like this recipe because it’s low-effort. There aren’t many ingredients, you don’t have to chop anything, and you mostly can forget about it once you stick it in the oven.

BAM! Healthy Cuisine Review: Fast service & chill atmosphere

Jessica Holbrook taste-tests the cranberry almond chicken salad grilled sandwich, the Bam! Salad, the buffalo pizza, blackened chicken avocado wrap, sauteed veggies, roasted red skin potatoes, wild sockeye salmon wrap, goat cheese salad with chicken and BAM! balls at BAM! Healthy Cuisine.


Contractor conflict? You have options.

Even when you think you’ve hired the right contractor, your project can go wrong. But all is not lost, as long as the contractor was licensed. (You have next to no legal recourse against unlicensed contractors, and some jurisdictions even come after homeowners for hiring them.) Here are your options.

A blueprint for your renovation budget

No matter what we’re shopping for, few of us like sticking to a budget. But when you’re doing a major home remodeling project, knowing precisely how much money you have to spend and staying within that budget is crucial.

10 tools every new homeowner should own

Ah, the joys—and burdens—of becoming a homeowner. Buying a home is an exciting milestone, but afterward you’re responsible for maintenance. You no longer have a landlord to fix that running toilet or leaky faucet.


An etiquette refresher for wedding season

Weddings are complicated. From plus-one invitations to picking the bridal party to discussing the budget, wedding etiquette can be tricky for the couple and their guests. And it doesn’t help that expectations are constantly evolving with technology and changing social norms.

Mr. & Mrs. McCully | Love at last

After working together—and becoming close friends—at Sluggers and Putters for three summers, Skyler and Caitlin finally started dating in 2014. Something just clicked all of a sudden when Skyler went away for a trip to the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee with a group of his friends from college. Skyler texted and called Caitlin while he was away to tell her how exciting the festival was and how she should join in the fun next year.