Jess vs. being a fangirl

I’ve always thought that the programming the Stark County District Library puts together is pretty creative. But I’m especially fond of its latest venture, the Dr. Audrey Lavin Speak of Books Author Series, which brings acclaimed authors (with New York Times bestsellers, no less) here to Stark County to discuss their work and literature in general.

Jess vs. Imaginative Realism

Story book characters that come (nearly) to life. Fantastic beasts found mostly in video games. Sirens calling straight from the pages of comics. Fantasy and sci-fi currently are dueling it out for pop culture domination, and right now, you can visit a small slice of the battleground at the Canton Museum of Art.

Jess VS. Pokemon GO

The first time I saw “The Wizard,” a glorious piece of late ’80s film genius about two brothers who run away from home to compete in a colossal video game competition (Kevin Arnold! In a movie!), I declared to my parents my future career: Professional, competitive video game player.

Jess vs. DORA

My husband and I love to travel to New Orleans. The city is a smorgasbord of culture, history, food, music ... and of course, Bourbon Street and its many purveyors of boozy bevies. We stay in a quaint shotgun house on Pauger, the street that Bourbon becomes as it winds out of the French Quarter.