July '13


From food to nature to landmarks to treasures, much can be gathered from the images found in the pages ahead. This is our community ... Enjoy the tour.

An eye for storytelling

Mandy Altimus Pond re-creates some elaborate fairy-tale scenes to capture through photography. Photography has matched a dream world with reality for a local hobbyist.

Tim Belden | In My Own Words

As many of you know, child-rearing and midlife crisis can combine like a Greek play and an Italian opera. But in my case, it’s all been fun. Let’s start in 2007 when I first attended a First Friday in the downtown Canton arts district.

Been to the HOF lately?

Here’s some insider tips on some things to look for while you are there. Joe Horrigan, the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s vice president of communications/exhibits, says there’s never been a better time to visit the Hall than this — the Hall of Fame’s 50th anniversary.

Wedding spotlight: Bryant and Jessica Bowden

Bryant Bowden and Jessica Coleman met at a local bar back in 1999. Bryant asked her out but Jessica was dating someone else and turned him down. A few months later, their paths crossed again — and this time they were both single and started dating.


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