July '12

Cover model contest winner

Meet Meredith Carter, a 22-year-old recent college graduate. After she won her own struggle with self-image, Meredith founded Stealing Hollywood, a program designed to give young girls freedom from unrealistic Hollywood expectations.

Cover Model Contest Finalists

These pics are just a few of our favorites out of dozens entered. Many entrants had great life stories to share, which was the deciding factor of the contest. Entries were accepted during a recent photo shoot at Westfield Belden Village, as well as online and mail-in submissions.

Do yourself a favor

Wedding favors are going edible — and we’ve got some fun do-it-yourself ideas for you to sink your teeth into! Food is a trendy way to thank and impress wedding guests.

Have you tried Tozzi’s Downtown?

Duke and his wife, Dina, part of the family that operated Tozzi’s Italian Restaurant in Magnolia for nearly 100 years, opened Tozzi’s Downtown in the former Fedeli, with its hideaway entrance on the alleylike Court Avenue.

Traditionally speaking …

A garter toss? The first dance? The bride and groom not seeing each other before the wedding? Fifty years ago, a wedding without these tried-and-true traditions just wouldn’t cut the cake.

Wedding spotlight: Evrim and Ryan Fulmer

Evrim Bozkurt met Ryan Fulmer and started dating in 2007 while they worked at the same firm in Cincinnati. While they were dating, Ryan moved to New York City to work for Goldman Sachs. In September 2010, Ryan surprised Evrim by taking her to an amazing restaurant in NYC — and proposed!

Judge Lee Sinclair | In my own words

As a young child, I loved to visit the Stark County Courthouse. So started my fascination with the law and with the judiciary. By the time I entered law school, there was one ultimate goal — to be a judge.