February '15

Roam Date: Coshocton & Tuscarawas

Travel a little farther south to experience a day, or two, getting “away from it all.” Sometimes your relationship needs a little more TLC than a date night, and a trip to the foothills of Appalachia wine country can do just that.

Roam Date: Akron

Our northern neighbor has an incredible variety of date night options, and more importantly, a variety of options throughout any month and season. During the warmer months, enjoy one of the fantastic sports venues, and don’t forget the handful of wineries spread across Summit County.

Roam Date: Cleveland

For a truly culture-filled date, head straight to University Circle in Cleveland. The up-and-coming, eastside neighborhood is full of high-class eats and top-notch museums, thanks to a rich history and the Case Western Reserve University.

Day in the Life: Kaolene Metzger

Love and marriage. Love and significant others. It doesn’t matter what state a relationship is in, it is a slippery road to travel. Kaolene Metzger, a relationship/family counselor in private practice, helps to make the road less hazardous.

The Brew View

Small brewing makes for big business. The craft brewing industry—including breweries, wholesalers and retailers—contributed $33.9 billion to the U.S. economy in 2012, and provided more than 360,000 jobs. Here in Ohio, the industry had an economic impact of $1.26 billion.

Wedding spotlight: Matt and Allyson Eslich

Allyson and Matt met for the first time in August 2011 while Allyson was working in industrial sales and calling on the Eslich Wrecking Co. Allyson walked back to her truck after a sales call to find Matt using her truck hood as a table while he was on the phone.

Date Night: Rekindling the flame

Mike Green, the owner of Cleveland-based matchmaking service Lunch Date, recommends longtime lovers spend their date nights going out on a limb and trying new things to keep the spark alive.

Splurge: Jülz by Alan Rodriguez

Not too many retailers would choose downtown Canton as a place to open a business, but Alan Rodriguez—owner of Jülz—said it was his top choice when he opened the store in 2007.

Date Night: Keeping it fun

After hearing some promising feedback on Gallery 121, (including Dan Kane’s feature on holiday cocktails in the December issue), I grabbed my hot date and ventured out to Massillon, in search of a relaxing evening of fun.

Notable person: Michelle Mullaly

We tend to define people by their jobs, and Michelle Mullaly certainly has a challenging and important one as executive director of the Canton Symphony Orchestra.