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In the biz: Final Gravity brings home the beer brewing business

When it came to choosing a hobby to explore with avid interest, Jason Spurrell picked homebrewing. That avocation—making beer at home—has grown to be a business for the Jackson Township resident and his wife, Amanda. At a store called Final Gravity Home Brew, a shop they opened earlier this year at 4255 Portage Street NW in Portage Square plaza, the Spurrells sell the grain and hops needed to brew beer, as well as all the equipment necessary for home brewing.

Brewery Roundup: Muskellunge Brewing Co.

My girlfriend introduced me to homebrewing in 2009, and I have been playing with the idea of starting a brewing company for several years. I decided to start the long journey in 2014 and started working with SCORE in Cincinnati. In 2016, I decided to move, as I felt that there was a better opportunity to expand the independent craft brew market in Canton.

Brewery Roundup: Shale Brewing Co.

Shale Brewing Co. started out of a passion for easy drinking brews shared by co-workers who started homebrewing together. That passion grew to starting a nano-scale brewery turning out batches of Roughneck Red one keg at a time. As demand grew, it was clear bigger equipment was needed to keep up. Partnering with a local brewery to produce some larger batches, Shale began the work of building out its production facility.