People of the Year

2018 Person of the Year: LaMar Sharpe

It’s inscrutable, a mix of do-gooder charisma and an easy, honest charm for every single person he meets. No motive. No ego. The type of person who simply rolls up his sleeves and does what needs doing. Canton Chief of Police Bruce Lawver calls it “the real thing.” And that’s probably the best description of our 2018 Person of the Year, Officer LaMar Sharpe. The real thing.

People of the Year: The Bluecoats

For the first time in The Bluecoats’ 40-plus-year history, the group became Drum Corps International World Champions in 2016—a testament to their dedication and hard work.

People of the Year: Zach Herrera

How could they ever pay it back? That was the question Mike and Gwen Herrera wrestled with for 30 days this summer, as nearly 1,000 people streamed into their son’s fourth-floor hospital room and offered everything from their time to their money to their prayers to … heck, their hair.