With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, it’s hard for traditional TV shows to last. With that being said, there are some new shows that have cut through the fluff and are worth watching this fall. There are still plenty of rejects and shows that just try too hard.

On its 10th season, “The Big Bang Theory” is still going strong. And I see why. It’s funny without hitting you over the head, and it’s smart. Not many comedies can do that anymore, ahem, “Kevin Can Wait.” If you haven’t watched “The Big Bang Theory,” I suggest you rent the first nine seasons from the library and catch up. It’s worth it.

After seeing the previews for “This Is Us,” I must admit that I thought it would be another dumb show for women. You know the kind: Within minutes of the beginning, you’re bawling your eyes out because it’s just so touching. I’m not into that. But this show is different. The story lines intertwine in such an interesting way that I can’t get enough.

Also on my list of shows to watch or continuing watching:

• “New Girl”
• “Younger”
• “Modern Family”
• I want to try out “Divorce”
• And I’ve heard good things about “The Good Place”

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