Having a tasty lunch to look forward to is sometimes the highlight of my morning. Luckily for me, working in downtown Canton gives me many lunch options. Here are some of my favorite lunch dishes.

1. Ham apple brie sandwich from Deli Ohio: I’m not sure how they make this taste as good as they do. I’m not a big fan of apples, but this sandwich has made me love them. There’s a delicious glaze in the mix, and it adds the perfect texture and sweetness. I suggest adding a sea salt chocolate chip cookie to your order. You won’t regret it.

2. Strawberry thriller wraps and chips and dip from Thatsa Wrapp: I love wraps. I love making them at home, but I have’t come close to a recipe as good as this one. With strawberries, feta cheese, grilled chicken, greens, walnuts and basil vinaigrette, I can’t put it down. Add the chips and dip, and you’ve got yourself a filling lunch.

3. The Big Onesto burger from George’s Lounge: George’s sure knows how to make burgers. This is officially my favorite burger. Topped with an egg, it’s so much goodness in one bite. Perfection!

Honorable mention: BAM! Healthy Cuisine, Bender’s

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